Volunteering with QuidditchUK is like joining a family – we work together, play together, support and nurture each other in our mutual journey, collaborating towards the single aim of developing the sport of quidditch in the United Kingdom.

At any given time, we will have a number of vacant positions within our organisation. Some of these positions may be brand new, but some may have a long and established history. Some vacancies may be for temporary positions, working on a particular project such as the British Quidditch Cup. Others may be permanent positions, working in one of our departments under a member of the Executive Management Team.

To apply for a staff position in QuidditchUK, we ask that you first read the position description on this page and then fill out the form below.

The table below is constantly updated within vacancies. Please check back often to see if a position of interest to you has become available.

If you would like to volunteer with us and there is not a vacancy or role in the area you feel you are suited to, please still get in contact with us by selecting Other in the form below and we will see what we can do!


Department: Events

Venue scout will identify and seek out potential venues for future tournaments. Volunteers will organise for visits to potential venues, whether this be in person or recruiting local teams and coordinating visits accordingly.
Suitable for those with knowledge of what amenities a tournament requires, and is able to take into account different factors e.g. budgets, weather conditions, accessibility
Key traits include: approachability, confidence and determination making introductions
Time commitment will average at 3-4 hours a week
Applications open indefinitely


Department: Operations

Equipment manager will work under Operations director (Jack Adie) to coordinate QuidditchUK-owned equipment including but not limited to: maintaining equipment and keeping a regular inventory; managing the buying of equipment where required; arranging long term storage of equipment.
Role suitable for highly organised, hardworking individuals. Previous experience with equipment handling and construction is highly desirable
Time commitment will average at 2-3 hours a week
Applications open indefinitely

Team UK Scout

Department: Outreach & Development (Team UK)

Team UK Scouts will, under the director of the Head of Research and Analysis, collect information specifically about promising new players. As with Statistics and Data volunteers, this will include a significant amount of filming games, watching footage back and analysing the skills and attributes of specific players. Selection decisions are made in accordance with the Team UK Selection Process.
Applications open indefinitely