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Emily Hayes

Tornadoes QC is open to everyone in the UK and aimed at graduates or those who don’t live near other teams. Our trainings take place once a month, rotating locations between the North, the Midlands, and the South. Each training lasts a full weekend, with an emphasis on team bonding and socialising on the Saturday evening. We try to pick our locations so that we can train with other teams and often play friendly matches against our host team on the Sunday. We attend 4-5 tournaments a year and look to take a full squad of 21 players to each one. We usually play at Northern Cup and the British Quidditch Cup, and in the past have attended tournaments such as Highlander, Whiteknights, and Lightning Cup. At Tornadoes, we understand that people have their own particular life circumstances and that not everyone will be attend every event we run. We try to organise both the timing and exact location of trainings to maximise attendance whilst minimising cost for those travelling long distances. The Tornadoes coaching team place a large focus on individual player improvement, trying to make each person that chooses to join the team the best that they can be. Outside of our trainings, we run a variety of group and individual fitness schemes to keep people engaged with their personal improvement. You can’t escape the storm!

Membership fee: £30

Committee for the 2018/19 Season: Chairperson: Emily Hayes Secretary: Jade Saunders Treasurer + Captain: Eamonn Harrison

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