Team UK Selection Process

Aims of selection process:

1. Team UK is the best possible team competitively
2. Long term sustainable development of elite athletes with aspirations to play for the national team


1. Ultimate responsibility for all selection decisions rests with the Team UK Head Coach.
2. The Team UK Head Coach should consult the other coaches of Team UK Training and Expansion Squad when making decisions about rosters, and may delegate some decision-making to them.
3. Team UK Scouts are responsible for sourcing or creating information (particularly footage) on promising athletes and making this information available to the Team UK coaches
4. The Team UK selection policy and criteria should be as transparent as possible in order to enable players, captains and coaches to understand what is required in order to work towards making the squad.


Step 0:
List of Team UK key skills circulated to club captains and coaches. It is made clear that proficiency in these skills alone is not sufficient to make the squad but that competence will improve a player’s chances and weaknesses, while not immediately ruling a player out, will make selection less likely. It is made clear that Team UK coaches will ultimately use their judgement considering a wide range of factors when making selections.

Step 0b:
We recommend that players with ambitions of making Team UK work with their club coaches and captains to to identify and improve on weaknesses with regard to key skills.

Step 1:
Team UK Scouts work together with the Team UK coaches to identify promising players to be scouted at upcoming tournaments.

Step 2:
Scouts create or source recent, good quality footage of as many promising players as possible. All footage created is available to Team UK coaches and scouts.

Step 3:
Scouts evaluate players’ competency with regards to the specified key skills and produce a written scout report, ideally accompanied by footage. The report and any other information is passed on to the Head of Research and Analysis. Those who display consistently good/excellent core ability or outstanding ability in a particular specialism are referred to the Team UK coaches for consideration.

Step 4:
Team UK coaches review shortlisted players, ideally using footage, and make final selection decisions using their judgement. Team UK coaches may choose to select players who did not make the scouts’ shortlist if they wish. Factors that may be considered include impact, fit with the team, or specialisation leading to exceptional strength in one area compensating for relative weakness in other areas.

Step 5:
Team UK coaches make final decisions on selections. If there is disagreement, the Team UK Head Coach makes the final decision.

Step 6:
Players on the scouts shortlist (i.e players judged to have a reasonable standard of core skills across the board) may be given feedback on how to work towards making Team UK. Other players should work with their club captain or coach to identify which key skills they need to work on.