Team UK Expansion Squad Objective

Purpose of Expansion Squad

1. To recognise and train players with the potential of making the Team UK training squad
2. To train selected players to the required Team UK standard within a given 2 year cycle
3. To trial new players, techniques, tactics and concepts to ensure that they are appropriate for use by the Team UK training squad
4. To looks towards the player needs of the Team UK training squad and look to the future to replace positions which have become affected by ability, lack of availability in the long term or retirement
5. Chosen players will be expected to take techniques, drills and ideas from the expansion squad to their home club

Selection Criteria

1. Players must have the potential to reach training squad standard by the end of the two year cycle
2. Prospective players must be creative, enthusiastic, and show the drive, motivation and attitude to achieve training squad ability
3. Players must not currently be in an environment to harness their potential and require Team UK level coaching to reach the next level
4. Prospective players must be aware that if they receive a high level of coaching at their home club they will still be considered, but expansion squad is prioritising for players that need extra guidance to develop beyond the means of their club

Selection Process

1. Should a player meet the selection criteria, they will enter a two year cycle. In the first year of the cycle players will be brought in to be trained and coaches will be willing to take risks on new and exciting prospects; the following part of the cycle will be training players to the level to compete with training squad.
2. Players who perform at an excellent level but are deemed neither appropriate for expansion or training squad will be put onto the reserve list. They will fill in for a vacant spot when it is available at a training squad training. The reserve list will not be released publically but players will be made aware if they are on the list. Expansion squad players will only be able to fill in a spot at training squad or be eligible for promotion after serving a year in the expansion squad, unless coaches unanimously agree they are ready for the opportunity.


1. Players who have played consistently at a high level and have received high level coaching in the past will also still be considered, but may not gain a place if it is believed that their peak has been reached or that expansion squad is not a suitable place for them to develop further. Players do not need to go through the expansion squad system to be eligible for the training squad or the reserve list, and can be called up to be part of training squad at any point.