Team UK

The UK’s national quidditch team, Team UK, consists of the best players in the United Kingdom. Most recently captained by Seb Waters at the Quidditch World Cup 2018, these players represent UK quidditch at international tournaments twice a year, competing in the European Games and the Quidditch World Cup.

Players are dedicated athletes and activists to the sport, donning the Team UK kits with pride as they show both the elite level of play the UK can offer and the sports values we honour. Many players are activists in the quidditch community, setting up or helping run both university and community teams.

Team UK’s most recent tournament was the IQA Quidditch World Cup this summer in Florence, Italy, where they finished in fourth place out of 29 teams from five continents. They lost to the USA in their semi-final game, and lost a very close bronze medal match to Turkey.

2017 marked a record breaking victory for Team UK, where the team won the European Games after beating France to take the gold.

Team UK at World Cup 2018 – Photo Howard Orridge

In 2016, Team UK competed at the Quidditch World Cup in Frankfurt, coming third after beating Team Canada, missing out on silver and gold to USA and Australia.

Team UK have a history of being leaders in the global sport, hosting the first ever international tournament, the Summer Games, in Oxford, UK. The first time international teams had formally competed against each other in a structured tournament, the event kickstarted quidditch in the UK, resulting in an explosion of growth and development of the sport and leading the UK to where it is today in terms of quidditch development and teams.

Team UK’s Legacy:

Tournament Location Team UK’s Result
2018 Quidditch World Cup Florence, Italy 4th
2017 European Games Oslo, Norway 1st
2016 Quidditch World Cup Frankfurt, Germany 3rd
2015 European Games Sarteano, Italy 2nd
2014 Global Games Burnaby, Canada 4th
2012 Summer Games Oxford, UK 5th

In 2015 QuidditchUK launched the Team UK Training Squad. The Team UK Training Squad is the standing squad of Team UK and is reselected by the the Team UK coaches every few months to ensure the best players in the country are included. 2016 saw the launch of the Team UK Expansion Squad. The Expansion Squad aims to give players not yet good enough for the Team UK Training Squad a pathway to the squad and to elevate the level of quidditch in the UK. Both the Team UK Training Squad and Team UK Expansion Squad were the first of their kind worldwide.

As of November 13th 2018 the Team UK Training Squad is as follows:

Team UK Training Squad:

Coaches Keepers Chasers Beaters Seekers
James Thanangadan, Head Coach Andrew Hull Tom Stevens Bill Orridge Callum Lake
Jay Holmes, Assistant Coach Seb Waters Ben Malpass Jacopo Sartori Jonathan Purvis
Seb Waters, Chaser Coach Alex Greenhalgh James Thanangadan Jan Mikolajczak
Bill Orridge, Beater Coach Alex Macartney Luke Trevett Anjit Aulakh
Ben Morton, Seeker Coach Ed Brett Dan Trick
Reuben Thompson Carina Werner
Tommy Ruler Lucy Q
Tom Norton Kerry Aziz
Aaron Veale Jess O’Neill
Franky Kempster Alex Carpenter
Natasha Ferenczy Alice Walker
Asia Piatek
Sarah Ridley
Bex Lowe
Lauren Sterry
Abbi Harris

As of November 13th 2018 the Team UK Expansion Squad is as follows:

Team UK Expansion Squad:

Coaches Keepers Chasers Beaters Seekers
 Gio Forino, Head Coach Christopher Lawrence Ben Honey Ben Guthrie
Dave Goddin, Assistant Head Coach Elliot Fisher Caleb Pakeman Chris Thomas
Dan Trick, Beater Coach Mat Croft Jack Kohli Christo Cole
Alice Walker, Beater Coach Joe Kernaghan Gabri Hall Rapa
Judith Ballinger, Administrator Lewis Dixon Iain
Mike Lewis Mikey Orridge
Olly Barker Nat Welham
Rudi Obasi-Adams Tayyeb Ali
Steve Withers Lewis Boast
Tua Karling Emily Hymers
Anna Rowe Franky Kempster
Chloé Hemingway Anna O’Gara
Chloe Smith
El Zukowicz
Ellinor Alseth Opsal
Emily Arnold
Hannah Garland
Hannah Ridley
Katie Dickens
Lydia Calder
Rosie Inman
Samantha Frohlich

In another quidditch worldwide first, in 2017 QuidditchUK launched the Team UK Research and Analysis department, tasked with implementing a comprehensive system of data-orientated support for the Team UK coaches and players. The Research and Analysis team, headed by Jay Holmes, will included Data Analysts and the Team UK scouts who will both contribute to the Team UK Selection Process.

To support both squads and the research and analysis department, the Team UK administration team comprises three volunteer administrators who each take responsibility for one of: organising all logistical elements of tournament attendance; organising Team UK training weekends; and organising Expansion Squad training weekends.

The Team UK administration team are:
Team UK Manager: Jemma Thripp
Training Squad Coordinator: Bex Lowe
Expansion Squad Coordinator: Judith Ballinger.

The Team UK Research and Analysis department are:
Head of Research and Analysis: Jay Holmes
Scouts: James Burnett, Ben Pooley, James Thanangadan, Ollie Riley, Dan Trick, Lucy Q, Tommy Morgan, Dave Goddin, Seb Waters, Ashara Peiris, Anna Barton.