Goal Refereeing

The job of a goal referee is a vitally important one. They help the head referee decide whether or not the quaffle went through the hoop, whether there was a goal scored and whether the quaffle is out of bounds on their endline. As with all referee roles, ensure that communication is clear and follow the 50% rule – if you are more than 50% sure about whether a hoop has been scored, make a call.


A goal referee should stand approximately halfway between the goal line and the edge of the pitch (the endline). This is marked by the red circle in the image below. They should also ensure that they move parallel to the hoops to get a good view of the quaffle passing through the hoops. If necessary they may need to step further away from the hoops to avoid players.

Image credit: IQA Rulebook 2018-2020


If you are unsure if the quaffle passed through the hoops, put both arms outstretched in front of you with palms up.

Code of Conduct

All goal referees must be at the pitch at least 5 minutes before the brooms up time for the match (where possible) in case the Head Referee wishes to brief them.

Goal referees must:
– Clearly and correctly signal to the referee their view on the play
– Move in order for play to continue without interference
– Move in order to get a better view of the play where appropriate
– Fix the hoops when play has moved away
– Follow the requests and orders of the Head Referee
– Retrieve the quaffle when it goes off the hard boundary
– Retrieve the quaffle when requested by the defensive team after a goal has been confirmed as good

Goal referees must not:
– Invite friends or peers onto the pitch with them whilst the match is in progress
– Put belongings (e.g coat, jumper, bag, valuables) onto the floor next to them during the match
– Interfere with play in anyway
– Dedicate attention away from the match they are officiating when the match is in progress (including times when a brooms down has been called)
– Try to fix the hoops whilst play is in progress in that area
– Call fouls or beats (unless qualified and the Head Referee delegates that duty to you).