For the 2018/19 season, QuidditchUK will be using the IQA 2018-20 Rulebook.


QuidditchUK will be making amendments to the IQA 2018-20 rulebook for play in our tournaments. The amendments can be found here.


Referee Qualification is completed through the International Quidditch Association, those wishing to complete their written qualification may do so through this website.

Field Tests

QuidditchUK are not currently running or offering field tests for the current run of the rulebook. We intend on introducing them for the coming 2019/2020 season but have no timeline on this as of yet.

Supplementary Match Officials Form

The Supplementary Match Officials Form (SMOF) is a form that contains infographics on how to goal referee, score keep and time keep. It will also contain a guide for these roles to follow at QuidditchUK tournaments. People who intend to volunteer as a goal referee, timekeeper or scorekeeper at QuidditchUK events, should read and fill in the details on the form so they can be registered as a supplementary match official for the season. Click here for The Supplementary Match Officials Form.


Refereeing Boundaries
Resetting the Quaffle
Head Refereeing (coming soon)
Assistant Refereeing (coming soon)
Snitch Refereeing
Goal Refereeing
Scorekeeping & Timekeeping
USQ 2018-19 Casebook

Event Referee Quotas

QuidditchUK Event Referee Quotas