For the 2017/18 season, QuidditchUK will be using the IQA 2016-18 Rulebook (available here).


QuidditchUK will be making amendments to the IQA 2016-18 rulebook for play in our tournaments. The amendments can be found here.

Request an IQA Referee Test Code

Anyone who qualified as a match official during the 2016/17 season will have their qualification carry over to the 2017/18 season. Anyone looking to qualify as a Referee can apply for an IQA Referee test code via the form below:

Refereeing Levels

More information coming soon.

Field Tests

To progress through the QuidditchUK Refereeing Levels system, qualified referees undergo a field test. You can apply to be field tested using the form found here.

Supplementary Match Officials Form

The Supplementary Match Officials Form (SMOF) is a form that contains infographics on how to goal referee, score keep and time keep. It will also contain a guide for these roles to follow at QuidditchUK tournaments. People who intend to volunteer as a goal referee, timekeeper or scorekeeper at QuidditchUK events, should read and fill in the details on the form so they can be registered as a supplementary match official for the season. Click here for The Supplementary Match Officials Form.


Goal Refereeing
USQ 2017-18 Casebook