QuidditchUK European Qualifier Tournament 2020 Eligibility Policy

The following requirements will be applied to teams and players attending the QuidditchUK European Qualifier Tournament, and European Quidditch Cup (EQC)

  1. Awarded Spots
    1. For the 2019/2020 Season, QuidditchUK have been awarded the following spots
      1. Division 1, 5 Spots
        1. 2 First Seeds
        2. 1 Second Seeds
        3. 3 Third Seeds
      2. Division 2, 5 Spots
        1. 2 First Seeds
        2. 3 Unseeded
    2. The 2019 Southern Champion will be awarded 1 First Seed spot for EQC 2019
    3. The 2019 Northern Champion will be awarded 1 First Seed spot for EQC 2019
    4. A regional champion may forfeit or refuse their EQC spot.
      1. In this situation, the spot will be offered to the first runner up from Northern or Southern Cup.
      2. The refusing team will not be eligible to compete in EQT by means of refusing their EQC spot.
  2. Teams
    1. The tournament will be open to teams across QuidditchUK by invitation only.
      1. 12 spots for EQT have been allocated evenly as a 6 distribution for both Northern and Southern Cup
      2. Teams ranked 2nd through 7th from Northern 2019 AND Southern 2019 will receive an invitation
    2. Teams will be competing for the right to compete at the EQC that season.
    3. The Teams competing at the European Qualifier Tournament will be ranked from First to Last upon the completion of the tournament.
    4. Teams will then be allocated to compete representing QuidditchUK in EQC Division 1 and 2 in descending order from First place until QuidditchUK’s EQC allocations have been exhausted.
      1. D1 Second Seed 
      2. D1 Third Seed
      3. D1 Third Seed
      4. D2 First Seed
      5. D2 First Seed
      6. D2 Unseeded
      7. D2 Unseeded
      8. D2 Unseeded
    5. In the case where teams qualify for EQC but do not wish to compete, the spot will be given to the next team in descending order.
    6. Should more European Qualifier Tournament teams decline their EQC spots than we have spots available, QuidditchUK will return any remaining EQC spots to Quidditch Europe to reallocate to other NGBs.
  3. Minimum Roster Policy
    1. All teams must fulfill the requirements of the QuidditchUK Minimum Roster Policy
    2. Teams unable to fulfill this policy are ineligible to compete at the European Qualifier Tournament.
    3. As EQC is not governed by QuidditchUK, it is not subject to the QuidditchUK Minimum Roster Policy.
  4. Players 
    1. A player must be registered with the team as a member of QuidditchUK to be eligible to compete at the European Qualifier Tournament.
    2. A player may not compete in more than one European Qualifier Tournament.
      1. This includes players who have already competed in a European Qualifier Tournament hosted by another NGB that season.
      2. This means players who wish to compete in the QuidditchUK European Qualifier Tournament, may not compete in another NGB EQC qualifying tournament that season.
      3. Quidditch Europe does provide an exception to this when a player physically moves countries, as outlined in their Transfer Policy Here
      4. This policy excludes Northern Cup and Southern Cup
    3. Players that compete and successfully qualify for EQC may only play with their qualifying EQT team.
      1. This includes teams within the same club.
      2. For clubs with multiple teams attending EQC, a maximum of three players per team may play for a team, within the same club, they did not represent at EQT.
      3. For teams that qualified via winning Northern OR Southern Cup, they are free to send any roster they choose.
        1. Teams that qualified via Northern or Southern who have additional teams competing at EQC are still subject to 4.3.2
    4. Players that attempt to but do not qualify for EQC are not allowed to play for any other club at European Quidditch Cup Division 1 OR Division 2
      1. Players only may compete for another qualifying team within the same club, per 4.3.2
      2. This includes clubs both in QuidditchUK AND Quidditch Europe
      3. QuidditchUK players who transfer for exceptional circumstances are eligible to compete with a different team at EQC, however these transfers will be placed under far more scrutiny.
    5. Any player that competes at the European Qualifier Tournament will be ineligible to compete at Development Cup under any circumstances.