QuidditchUK August Website Issues

In late August QuidditchUK were made aware of some website users being redirected to third party websites when trying to access the QuidditchUK website.

After some investigation and working with our webhosts, we discovered that some malicious code had found it’s way onto the web pages served by the QuidditchUK website which would intermittently redirect visitors to unaffiliated websites.

The issue was first reported on Thursday 23rd August at 21:49 and confirmed by a malware scan of our website by our webhosts. The issue was resolved by Friday 24th August at 00:36 with a subsequent scan from our webhosts at 01:11 on Friday 24th August confirming that they no longer considered there to be any problems.  We believe that no personal data or information was taken from the QuidditchUK website during the affected time.

As a precaution we have installed and upgraded several security plugins to our website, and changed the passwords of all administrative QuidditchUK accounts.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you notice any technical or security issues with the QuidditchUK website, please report to them to admin@quidditchuk.org with any information relevant to the issue.