QuidditchUK Team Membership 2019/20


Teams compete at QuidditchUK official and accredited events.

Teams have a maximum of 21 players and are subject to the QuidditchUK  Event Minimum Roster Policy when competing at QuidditchUK events.

Clubs with multiple teams are free to move players between teams as they decide. However certain inter-team transfers are subject to the European Qualifier Tournament Eligibility Policy and the Development Cup Team Policy.

Each Team must have an individual name distinct from any other Team within QuidditchUK, including their within their own club.

Team membership is non refundable and non transferable.

Further information and policies on teams can be found in the Club and Team Membership Policy.

Please note: If your club does not appear as an option below, you will need to wait until they are added to purchase your additional team membership.

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