Hooch Initiative 2017/18

QuidditchUK are excited to again announce the return of the Hooch Initiative for the 2017/18 quidditch season. The initiative aims to match new clubs with more established groups from across the country, providing a sustainable foundation for growth and success in the future. This is achieved through the use of short and long term objectives designed to integrate new players into the national Quidditch community.

In previous years, the initiative has resulted in new organisations flourishing after guidance from their parent teams, and previous participants include Warwick Quidditch Club and Bristol Quidditch Club.

To register interest and join this season’s Hooch Initiative as a new club please fill in this form by 30/09/17.

To register interest and join this season’s Hooch Initiative as an established club please fill in this form by 30/09/17.

As in previous seasons, QuidditchUK has produced a Hooch Guide for teams taking part which can be found here.

New to the Hooch Initiative for this season, clubs may receive benefits from QuidditchUK by taking part. Mentoring clubs will be offered a partial refund on their team membership fee on completion of a Hooch Hub by 31/01/18. As well as the obvious benefits to training, recruitment, and development, new clubs may also enter a competition for the loan of a set of hoops for their initial season and will receive support from the QuidditchUK PR department to spread their message in the press.

Are you a member of a new team and want to get involved in the Hooch Initiative? Email Becca Short at hooch@quidditchuk.org to find out more information.

Welcome to the QuidditchUK 2017/18 Season…ish

As many of you will have noticed this summer QuidditchUK has been relatively quiet, but fear not, we have been busy working away on a whole raft of news for you that will be coming out over the next few weeks.


The biggest change you will notice over the next few weeks is QuidditchUK moving to a new website. Designed by the talented Catherine Grace, the new website has been in development for the past few months, and although it will no doubt come with growing pains, it should allow QuidditchUK to communicate far more effectively with the community.


Once the new website is live, membership for the 2017/18 season will be purchasable and QuidditchUK are delighted to announce that all membership fees will be the same as the 2016/17 season. That is:
Individual Membership: £15
Club Membership (includes 1 free team and entrance to either Southern or Northern Cup): £65
Team Membership: £30


For the 2017/18 season QuidditchUK will be using the IQA 2016-2018 rulebook with amendments. We are also pleased to announce that for anyone who qualified as a match official in the 2016/17 season, the qualification will carry over to this season due to the rulebooks not being different enough to warrant retesting. More information regarding the amendments and the rulebook for the 2017/18 season will be released imminently.

QuidditchUK welcomes new volunteers

Over the past few weeks the QuidditchUK volunteer team has undergone some significant restructuring. Longstanding volunteers have moved on, replacements have been found and departments have been reorganised.

Firstly, we say goodbye to Priya Shah who has stepped down as Assistant Director for Gameplay and Events. Priya has done fantastic work in their time with QuidditchUK, taking on the mammoth task of tournament directing BQC not once but twice in 2016 and 2017. Priya will be sorely missed and QuidditchUK wish them the best of luck in their future.

As a result of Priya’s Departure and to improve operational efficiency, Gameplay and Events has been split into two departments- Events, run by Tom Challinor, and Gameplay, headed up by Steve Cockram. Both departments will sit on the Executive Management Team.

Steve has played with teams across the UK, including Bangor, Glasgow, and his hometown of Bournemouth at Dev Cup 2017. Aside from playing, he has also been a non-playing referee for the past season at and has been working to develop refereeing in the UK as part of the Gameplay and Events Department.

Also joining the EMT will be Molly Maurice-Smith who will be filling the Volunteers Director position. Molly has been playing with the Reading Rocs for two years, previously serving as the team’s Welfare Officer and is currently their Secretary. Whilst Reading is their regular team, they have also been competing in QPL with West Midlands Revolution. Molly hopes to make volunteering as enjoyable and accessible as possible, in a sport so dependent on the endless time and effort that volunteers put in. They also hope to increase visibility of the work carried out by the EMT whilst increasing the clarity and depth of communication between the EMT and the wider quidditch community.

The Outreach and Development Department has gained Gavin Hughes as Scotland Expansion manager. Gavin has played for the Falmouth Falcons, whilst also finding time to compete with QPL’s Northern Watch. As well as taking on the role of Captain and coach for Falmouth, he is also involved with quidditch in his home of Scotland, through coaching with the Glasgow Grim Reapers. Gavin hopes to inform his approach to the role from his experiences of quidditch as a Scotsman, with the main aims of: helping foster further cooperation and competition between Scotland’s existing teams with the goal of getting them all to BQC 2018; to investigate the viability of setting up teams in Aberdeen, Dundee and Inverness; to encourage more native Scots like himself to become involved in the sport, as they remain a largely untapped demographic, and engaging them will hopefully secure better long-term growth for the sport in Scotland.

Outreach & Development will also be gaining Beth Thompson as Assistant Director of Outreach. Beth joined quidditch with the Leicester Thestrals, acting as their Games Coordinator for 2016/17 and outside of the team was Assistant Tournament Director for BQC 2017. Beth has a strong desire- like many others in the community- to get quidditch more widely accepted across the country, and to work to increase the number of people playing it prior to university, be that through school or college, or other establishments. Beth would like to use their experience of working with children and teenagers of all different ages and backgrounds to see the growth of quidditch.

Finally, as previously announced, James Burnett will be stepping down as Vice-President of QuidditchUK, but in their place we are proud to be able to introduce our new Vice-President, Matt Bateman.

Matt has been playing quidditch for two years- he has previously captained the London Unspeakables, is a member of QPL’s London Monarchs and has helped found and continues to contribute to the international quidditch scene through his work with Quidditch New Zealand.

Matt plans to improve infrastructure in QuidditchUK, building better accessibility and communication channels for the community; as well as improving the level of gameplay and standards of ability across the UK and Europe through programmes and resources. Ultimately, his main aim is to make quidditch a more visible and viable sport for the wider public, working with established partners and introducing ways to increase the competitive legitimacy of quidditch as a sport.

2017/18 Regionals Locations Announced

QuidditchUK is excited to announce the locations for the 2017/18 season’s Northern Cup and Southern Cup.

This year’s Southern Cup will once again be held at Millbrook Rugby Club in Southampton, this season on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th November.

This year’s Northern Cup will be held at Hallam Sports Park in Sheffield on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th November.

QuidditchUK received two bids for each regional with The Concord Sports Centre, Sheffield and Whiteknights Campus, Reading, being the alternative bids for Northern and Southern Cup respectively.

Although The Concord Sports Centre submitted a strong bid, and is also based in Sheffield along with the winning bid, the facilities on offer as part of the winning bid were clearly superior. Hallam Sports Park was chosen based on the availability of floodlights and the facilities it offered as part of Sheffield Hallam University.

Initially, Whiteknights Campus Reading University was selected as the location for Southern Cup 2017 due to the good facilities on site and it being a more central location for teams in the region. However when QuidditchUK attempted to confirm the booking, the venue informed us that they were not in fact able to host the event until December. Without the provision of floodlights hosting a tournament in December proved too impractical, as such, Millbrook Rugby Club, Southampton, has been chosen instead. Millbrook Rugby Club hosted Southern Cup 2016 and we’re confident that Southampton will once again prove to be a good venue.

Both Northern and Southern Cup are scheduled to take place later in the season than in 2016/17. This decision has been taken to give teams a greater chance to recruit and train before the regional competitions, in line with previous event feedback from our clubs. However, in a break from tradition the order of the regionals has not been switched, and it should be noted that the decision to host Northern Cup later in the season than Southern Cup for the second year in a row was due to the availability of floodlights at Hallam Sports Park.

Committee positions will open by the end of the week and will be found at https://quidditchuk.org/volunteer. Applications for the Regionals Committees will close on Sunday 30th July. Please direct any questions you might have to Tom Challinor at gameplay@quidditchuk.org.

Community Summer Project Volunteering Scheme 2017

Want to give something back this summer?

QuidditchUK are proud to announce the launch of their new casual project volunteering scheme.

Feedback from the community over the course of this season has indicated that two major barriers to volunteering are worries about the level of time commitment necessary and people feeling under-qualified to take on roles. In response to these concerns, QuidditchUK have developed the Community Summer Project volunteering scheme that will run over the summer in 2017.

The scheme is designed around a series of small and interesting projects that QuidditchUK would love to be able to carry out but does not currently have the volunteer capacity to take forward. Instead of letting these projects go undone, we are advertising them to the community in the hope that enthusiastic volunteers who would otherwise feel under-qualified or that they don’t have the time to contribute, step forward and take these projects on.

Interested volunteers will be able to sign up to be responsible for a single, specific project for to undertake for QuidditchUK over the summer months. Some projects will be for individual volunteers, while for others you will be working as part of a team. As the scheme runs during the summer and consists of finite project-based volunteering, we hope to give students with lots of term time commitments and those who are unable to commit to helping long-term the opportunity to get involved. These projects also present a fantastic opportunity for people who have never been involved with QuidditchUK before to gain experience in volunteering and develop an insight into how the organisation operates.

The summer projects for the Community Summer Project volunteering scheme can be found listed below:

Awards Committee:

2-4 volunteers.

This role is an exciting opportunity to give back to the community by rewarding them for the good work they have achieved over the past season. We are looking for volunteers to look at the following:

-Referee and Snitch of the Year Awards- This role will involve using the pre-existing framework created by Dave Goddin and to implement it.

-Community Service Award for Clubs

We want to reward our clubs for the amount of volunteering they do at our events. We need a volunteer to data crunch our volunteering data, and work with us to find the best reward to give the team who wins.

Wikipedia Updater:

1 volunteer

We have Wikipedia pages but these are hideously out of date. We are looking for one volunteer to update our Wikipedia pages to be accurate of the current state of our organisation.

Content Writer

QuidditchUK are currently having their website redesigned. For this, we need at least one volunteer to write the content for the pages. This will include everything from useful links to start up teams, Team UK information, and historical information.

Focus Groups Research:

1-2 volunteers

We want to know what our community thinks. During the research for the Strategic Plan, highly successful focus groups were carried out. We would like at least one volunteer to run some more of these on our behalf, to collate this data before analysing the data and sharing with the Executive. This will include topics such as rules changes, growth in the sport and the focuses of QuidditchUK.

Quidditch Census Project:

1-2 Volunteers

Interested in finding out more about our community, and how teams are ran? Working alongside our secretary, Ayaan Ahmed, we are looking for volunteers to convert questions into a google form, distribute this and help analyse the results. This information will be used by the organisation to help us support our teams- not only new clubs but also those that are well-established.

Team UK Statistician

2-4 Volunteers

We want to support the development of the national team by collecting, collating and analysing as much statistical information as possible about Team UK’s performance at European Games this summer. We are looking for some volunteers (ideally attending European Games) to assist Rix Dishington and the Outreach and Development Department in compiling a bank of statistical information that Team UK players and coaches can use to inform the creation of tailored tactics and training plans and ensure that Team UK competes at the highest possible level.

Interested volunteers can sign up by emailing president@quidditchuk.org with the project they are volunteering for in the email subject. Similarly the community can contact president@quidditchuk.org if they would like to suggest a project of their own. As always, your ideas are welcome.

All summer projects are expected to have concluded by the end of August, well in advance of the start of the new season, and new academic year for students.