Introducing the QuidditchUK Newsletter!

It’s definitely been a long time coming, but QuidditchUK are very happy to announce the release of our latest edition to our media releases – the QUK newsletter!

The idea of having a regular release of a newsletter has been jumping about for seasons, with no mention of actual execution. However, due to extreme circumstances in relation to the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve thought a newsletter released every fortnight would do everyone some good!

Without further-ado, please feel free to check out Issue 1 here! We’ve got updates on departments throughout the organisation, puzzles, games, general news and recommendations of projects created by our fantastic community coping through the isolation period!

If you personally would like to contribute something that you think we’re missing or would just generally like to help and volunteer with the creation of future issues: Please get in touch with our Vice President and head of this project – Abby Whiteley. (

Check back with us in two weeks time for Issue 2 of our Newsletter, scheduled to be released on Friday 24th April!

Thank you to our contributors: Abby Whiteley, Lucy Nicholls, James Gratton, Em Stephens, Chloe Durkin and Samuel Instone for putting this all together!

(We’re hoping to designate a particular page/place for these to live, however they’ll be publicly accessible throughout our social media for the time being).