QuidditchUK Emergency Fund

The QuidditchUK Emergency Fund is designed to provide support for established clubs that experience significant financial hardship during a season due to circumstances outside of their control.

QuidditchUK understands that a variety of unpredictable situations can cause unexpected logistical and financial problems for both clubs and players. While we can often do little to prevent such an event in advance, the organisation is able to give some financial assistance to clubs to mitigate part of the impact associated with emergencies, accidents and the failure of external bodies.


Up to £500.


Applications to the Emergency Fund will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by QuidditchUK’s EMT.

Applicants should complete the form below attached with any supporting documentation. Applicants will be contacted for further details where required, and will be notified of the outcome of their inquiry as soon as possible.


To be eligible to apply for support from the Emergency Fund the following conditions must apply:

1. The Club making the application must be officially registered with QuidditchUK.
2. The Club or its members must have encountered unexpected financial outlay in the process of everyday club administration throughout the year or when preparing for and/or competing in a regional or national QuidditchUK official tournament.
3. Expenses incurred specifically in relation to fantasy tournaments, international tournaments, or unofficial matches or tournaments are not eligible for relief under this scheme.
4. Financial outlay must have resulted from circumstances that the Club could not reasonably be expected to have anticipated and which could not be attributed to the action or inaction of the Club or any Club member.
5. The Club must have taken all reasonable steps to resolve the problem without recourse to QuidditchUK funding, for example through contacting their Student Union or the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.
6. Applications must be made by QuidditchUK member Clubs and cannot be made by individuals.
7. The Club must have a Club bank account into which funds can be deposited. Funds cannot be transferred to a personal bank account.

QuidditchUK Emergency Fund Application Form:

To apply to the QuidditchUK Emergency Fund, please complete this form and attach any relevant supporting material.