Level Up – Quidditch Coaching Course

Level Up is a course developed to educate and train quidditch coaches. It aims to teach prospective coaches the basic theory and skills of coaching quidditch players and teams, as they progress through the three successive levels.

Why is it necessary?

Quidditch currently lacks skilled coaches. With quidditch being such a young sport there is little collective experience from which new coaches are able to learn the knowledge and skills required to develop into effective coaches. As such, currently most quidditch coaches are self-taught; to varying levels of success. Although much of quidditch coaching is similar to coaching from other sports, there are some significant differences due to the unique nature of quidditch and its community. Level Up has been developed by a group of experienced coaches and teachers in the UK; who have pooled their collective experience in order to create a scheme to teach the fundamentals of quidditch coaching to new coaches. This includes teaching universal coaching and leadership skills, whilst focussing specifically on aspects unique to quidditch.

What are the levels?

Level 1: Theory

Prospective coaches will be given written materials outlining the principles of sports coaching and the tactical foundations of quidditch. They will then be challenged on their understanding of this core theory through the use of footage-based questioning followed by seminar style discussions over the internet.

Level 2: Skills

Level 2 is run over a weekend during which prospective coaches will meet as a group to be taught the practical application of the Level 1 theory. They will be taught skills essential to quidditch coaching and given opportunities to run drills and skills workshops with other prospective coaches, under the tutelage of the experienced Level Up coaches.

Level 3: Apprenticeship

Following successful completion of Level 2, experienced Level Up coaches will travel out to observe the trained coaches whilst they coach their own team over a tournament/training session. This gives the trained coaches the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge and skills they have acquired, whilst receiving final tips, feedback, and assessment from the experienced Level Up coaches. On successful completion of Level 3, coaches will ‘graduate’ from the Level Up scheme.

How do I apply?

We will episodically be advertising for applicants for each qualification level throughout the year depending on coach availability. Look out for messages via QUK or on social media platforms.

Interest Form

To register your interest fill out this google form: Form.