Southern Cup 2019



Sat, 09 Nov 2019

Sun, 10 Nov 2019



08:00 - 18:00



Oxford Brookes University, Harcourt Hill Campus, OX2 9AT, Oxford, Oxfordshire.

Welcome to Southern Cup 2019!  All of the UK’s southern teams will be competing for the title of ‘Regional Champion’, as well as fighting to earn their place at the inaugural European Qualifying Tournament and the British Quidditch Cup 2020.

Dates to Remember

28/10/2019 – Tournament Team and Player Sign Up Deadline
28/10/2019 – Volunteer Registration Deadline
04/11/2019 – Player Guide Release
04/11/2019 – Volunteer Guide Release
06/11/2019 – Tournament Structure
13/11/2019 – Tournament Team and Player Fees Payment Deadline

Deadlines to Remember

28/10/2019 – Tournament Team and Player Sign Up Deadline
28/10/2019 – Volunteer Registration Deadline
13/11/2019 – Tournament Team and Player Fees Payment Deadline

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Player signups are now closed, however we are still looking for non-playing volunteers. Please sign up here:
Player and Volunteer Signup Form
Please read each section carefully and if you wish to change any of your answers the form has editing responses enabled.


Alex Greenhalgh – Tournament Director
Lucy Nicholls – Assistant Tournament Director
Peter Stace – Assistant Tournament Director
Ania Spencer – Assistant Tournament Director
Amit Portnoy – Gameplay  Officer
Alix Marie d’Avigneau – Scheduling Coordinator
Becca Jeffs – Media Officer
Em Stephens – Media Officer



Regional Prices are as follows:

Team Fee – £140 per team
Player Fee – £15 per player


QuidditchUK has set volunteer requirements for Southern Cup.

This is outlined in the QuidditchUK Event Referee Quota Policy on our website, please ensure you and your club are familiar with the volunteer requirements.

The International Quidditch Association has released their referee tests for the 2018/2020 Rulebook. You can register to take the referee tests at and you can sign up as a volunteer here.

Clubs that do not make their volunteer quota will not be eligible to compete at either Northern or Southern Cup 2019. If you or your club are struggling to reach these quotas, please contact

We do accept volunteers who are not part of the referee quota continuously until the volunteer deadline. This is a great way to get involved in the tournament and to support those attending.


Roster submissions closed on the 28/10/19.


The tournament format that will be used at QUK 2019 Regionals will be modelled on the format used at European Games 2019. Below is a worked example using 16 teams. *

Day 1 – Pool Play (Stage 1)

Teams will be grouped into groups of 4 teams each. Each group of 4 teams will be comprised of a top seed, two unseeded teams and a bottom seeded team. For a 16-team format, this means 4 top seed teams, 8 unseeded teams, and 4 bottom seed teams, based on the final BQC 2019 rankings. If a team did not attend BQC 2019, they shall be considered as unseeded. This is a change from previous seasons, made so that new teams are assumed to be of average ranking and ensuring even distribution of bottom seed teams.

The teams will be drawn into groups as follows: 1 top seed to each group, 1 bottom seed to each group, finally each unseeded team to each group. If a team (A) would be placed in a group that already contains another team (B) from the same club, then another team would be drawn instead and team A returned to the draw. If team A is the last team in their seed category, then all teams of that seed would be returned to the draw to be redrawn.

The first stage of the tournament will be a round-robin group stage. The results of this stage will result in each team in the group being ranked within the group according to the QUK tiebreakers. For the 16 team format with 4 groups, this means there would be 4 first-placed teams, 4 second-placed teams, and so on. 

Following the group stage, teams will play-off against a team from another group who finished at the same rank i.e. Group A’s 1st ranked team would play Group B’s 1st ranked team. Teams that win this play-off match will play against a team from the rank above that lost their play-off match and vice-versa. 1st placed teams that win their first game and 4th placed teams that lose their first game will be given a bye. A team that wins both of these games effectively moves up a rank whilst a team that loses both of these games effectively moves down a rank (teams that win one and lose one in either order stay at the same rank).

After this second stage, the teams in the same rank will play a four team bracket (i.e. semi-finals, final, and consolation match) for the final positions associated with their rank. This means that the first ranked teams are playing for 1st to 4th places, the second ranked teams for 5th to 8th places and so on.

Pre tournament Groups:

Top seed Top seed Top seed Top seed
Unseeded Unseeded Unseeded Unseeded
Unseeded Unseeded Unseeded Unseeded
Bottom seed Bottom seed Bottom seed Bottom seed

*-  Southern Cup 2019 will use this format as there are 16 registered teams. The number of teams for Northern Cup is TBC at the time of writing, but the format of the tournament will be similar.

Rankings after stage 1:

A1 B1 C1 D1
A2 B2 C2 D2
A3 B3 C3 D3
A4 B4 C4 D4

Day 1 – Ranking Bracket (Stage 2)

Day 2 – Play In Stage (Stage 3)

If you have any queries regarding the tournament structure please email For general queries regarding Southern Cup, please email


The Tournament Schedule will be released on 06/11/19.



The Group Draw for Southern Cup 2019 will be released on 31/10/19


Spectators are welcome; there is no entrance fee. There is limited seating, but you are welcome to bring your own folding chairs. Refreshments will be available. If you are planning to attend in a large group you are welcome to come, just please email us in advance at

PLEASE NOTE that unfortunately no dogs (other than assistance dogs) will be allowed in the venue. Those who bring a non-assistance dog on site will be asked to leave immediately. 

For more information, please look at the event’s Player Guide for additional information on travel arrangements, parking etc.


If you have any general concerns, questions, or suggestions about tournament, these should be directed to the form below: