Northern Cup 2018



Sat, 10 Nov 2018

Sun, 11 Nov 2018



08:00 - 18:00



Sheffield Hallam University Sports Park, Bawtry Rd, Sheffield S9 1UA

Welcome to Northern Cup 2018! All of the UK’s Northern teams will be competing for the title of Regional Champions, as well as fighting to earn their place at the inaugural European Qualifying Tournament and the British Quidditch Cup 2019.

Dates to Remember

23/10/18 – Hospitality Guide release
26/10/18 – Player Registration Deadline
26/10/18 – Roster Submission Deadline
30/10/18 – Tournament Structure release
2/11/18 – Player Guide release
2/11/18 – Volunteer Registration Soft Deadline
2/11/18 – Schedule release
7/11/18 – Tournament and Player Fees Payment Deadline

Deadlines to Remember

26/10/18 – Club, Team and Player registration with QuidditchUK and Northern Cup Closes
26/10/18- Roster Submission Deadline
26/10/18- Volunteer Registration Closes
7/11/18 – Tournament and Player Fees Payment Deadline

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Final Standings

Rank Team Played Wins W Snitch QP Diff. Avg Total game time Avg
1 Velociraptors 7 7 5 630 90 138.85 19.84
2 Megalodons 7 6 4 320 45.7 153.48 21.93
3 Holyrood Hippogriffs Firsts
4 Glasgow Grim Reapers
5 Liverpuddly Cannons
6 Manchester Manticores
7 Nottingham Nightmares
8 Sheffield Squids
9 Leeds Griffins
10 St Andrews Snidgets
11 Durhamstrang
12 Tornadoes QC
13 York Horntails
14 Leicester Thestrals
15 Holyrood Hippogriffs Seconds
16 Derby Daemons
17 Loughborough Longshots
18 Chester Centurions
19 Manchester Minotaurs
20 Stirling Dumyat Dragons
21 Bangor Broken Broomsticks
22 Sheffield Steelfins

The full results can be found here.


Player signups have closed. We are still looking for non-playing volunteers, so if you can come then please fill out the signup form:
Player and Volunteer Signup Form
Please read each section carefully and if you wish to change any of your answers the form has editing responses enabled.


Tournament Committee:
Tom Challinor – Tournament Director
Arkady English – Assistant Tournament Director
Alix Marie d’Avigneau – Gameplay and Scheduling Co-ordinator
Genevieve Tyrrell- Operations Co-ordinator
Jade Broomby – Communications Co-ordinator


QuidditchUK will invoice clubs the full team AND player fees which must be paid by 11:59pm on 7th November 2018.

Regional Prices are as follows:

Team Fee – £30 Per Team
Player Fee – £20 Per Player


QuidditchUK has set volunteer requirements for Northern Cup.

This is outlined in the QuidditchUK Event Referee Quota Policy on our website, please ensure you and your club are familiar with the volunteer requirements.

The International Quidditch Association has released their referee tests for the 2018/2020 Rulebook. You can register to take the referee tests at and you can sign up as a volunteer here.

Clubs that do not make their volunteer quota will not be eligible to compete at either Northern or Southern Cup 2018. If you or your club are struggling to reach these quotas, please contact

We do accept volunteers who are not part of the referee quota continuously until the volunteer deadline. This is a great way to get involved in the tournament and to support those attending.


The roster submission deadline was the 26/10/18.


Day 1 – Pools

22 teams are registered to compete at Northern Cup 2018. These teams have been divided into 5 groups (A-E), using the process outlined in the 2018 Regionals Tournament Info announcement. Groups A and B are made up of 5 teams and Groups C-E contain 4 teams. Each group will play a round robin on Day 1 of Northern Cup.

After all games for Day 1 are completed, teams will be ranked using the criteria below:

  1. Select as appropriate:
    1a. For Ranking Intra-Group: Number of Wins
    1b. For Ranking Inter-Group: Group Position(*)
    1c. For Final Rankings: Stage of Elimination
  2. Highest Quaffle Point Differential (QPD), with a maximum of 90 QPD able to be accumulated from any single game
  3. Head to Head (where applicable)
  4. Number of Winning Snitch Catches
  5. Lowest Total Regulation Time Played
  6. Fewest Red Cards
  7. Fewest Yellow Cards
  8. Fewest Blue Cards
  9. Coin toss

In pools in which there are 5 teams (A and B), games against the fifth ranked team will be discounted for the purpose of ranking against other pools. For the fifth ranked team, results against the fourth ranked team will be excluded from the standings calculations.

Day 2 – Bracket

After ranking the teams a 20-team bracket will be formed, with a first round bye for the teams ranked 1-12. After the first round, a single-elimination lower bracket will be formed of the losers of the first round of games, and the teams ranked 21 and 22 after Day 1. The winner of this bracket will be ranked 17th overall.

The Northern region has been allocated 16 of the available 30 BQC spots that can be earned through Regionals. The first round games will serve as playoffs for the 13th-16th BQC spots. Teams ranked 1-12 after Day 1 qualify automatically for BQC.

5th/6th playoff will take place to determine seeding and qualification respectively for the European Qualifier Tournament.

If you have any queries regarding the tournament structure please email For general queries regarding Northern Cup, please email


The Tournament Schedule will be released on 2/11/18.




Spectators are welcome; there is no entrance fee. There is limited seating, but you are welcome to bring your own folding chairs. Refreshments will be available. If you are planning to attend in a large group you are welcome to come, just please email us in advance at


If you have any general concerns, questions, or suggestions about tournament, these should be directed to the form below: