European Qualifier Tournament Structure

The European Qualifier Tournament (EQT) will use a 3-group, 4-team round robin structure on Day 1, followed by a seeded bracket on Day 2 of the tournament, with playoffs to determine EQC D1 and D2 qualification.

Day 1 – Groups

The groups are determined using a ranked, alternating-region snake draw. In order to split teams into pools the 12 EQT qualifying teams from regionals were ranked based on the standard QuidditchUK final tournament ranking criteria (i.e. tournament rank, QPD, etc.)

Regional rank Overall rank Seed Team QPD
N1 1 1 Velociraptors 630
S1 2 1 Werewolves of London 1 520
S2 3 1 London Quidditch Club 560
N2 4 2 Megalodons 320
S3 5 2 London Unspeakables 250
N3 6 2 Holyrood Hippogriffs 1 70
N4 7 3 Glasgow Grim Reapers 260
S4 8 3 Southampton Quidditch Club 1 170
N5 9 3 Liverpuddly Cannons 270
S5 10 4 Oxford Mammoths 130
S6 11 4 Werewolves of London 2 70
S7 12 4 Bathilisks -440

The first seed teams were allocated to groups in the order A to C, selecting by overall rank.

The second seeds were then drawn into groups in the order C to A, selecting the highest-ranked team available from the opposite region to the first seed.

The third seeds were drawn in the order A to C, selecting the highest-ranked team available from the same region as the first seed.

Finally, the fourth seeds were drawn in the order C to A, selecting the highest-ranked team available from the opposite region to the first seed, and where this became impossible, selecting by overall rank.

N1 S1 S2
S3 N3 N2
N4 S4 S5
S7 S6 N5

The final group draw for EQT 2019 is therefore:

Velociraptors Werewolves of London Firsts London Quidditch Club
London Unspeakables Holyrood Hippogriffs Firsts Megalodons
Glasgow Grim Reapers Southampton Quidditch Club Firsts Oxford Mammoths
Bathilisks Werewolves of London Seconds Liverpuddly Cannons

This method of drawing groups was selected to ensure fair seeding based on performance at regionals while creating as few rematches from regionals as possible. A total of three matches on Day 1 of EQT are repeated from regionals, while groups seeded by overall ranking without alternating regions would have resulted in seven rematches on Day 1.

Day 2 – Bracket

After Day 1, teams will be ranked using the usual QuidditchUK tournament ranking procedures. These rankings will be used to seed the bracket below. There is no policy in place to prevent replays of games from Day 1, as this would effectively involve adjusting teams’ rankings which may unfairly advantage or disadvantage teams.

Teams are guaranteed a minimum of 2 games on Day 2 of the tournament.

Semi-finalists automatically qualify for EQC Division 1, and will continue to play off for medals and EQC seeding.

Teams losing either their play-in game or quarter-final will enter into a playoff bracket for EQC qualification.

Losers of the first round of this bracket are eliminated from the tournament, and do not qualify for EQC.

Winners of the second round of this bracket qualify for EQC Division 1 and losers qualify for EQC Division 2.

Due to venue time constraints, no further playoffs will be held to determine EQC seeding for teams ranked 5/6 and 7/8 – these will be determined via the standard final tournament ranking criteria.

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