Eamonn Harrison Appointed as New Gameplay Director

We are pleased to announce that Eamonn Harrison has been appointed as the new Gameplay Director for QuidditchUK.

One of the most decorated and experienced referees in the international community, and a key member of the Gameplay Department already – Eamonn will be taking over from Dave Goddin full-time.

With the promotion, Eamonn will introduce newer and faster feedback systems for referees. He will be developing new systems for training referees and snitches and growing the department beyond referee development to build out the actual gameplay aspects of the sport.

We’re excited to have him on the Executive Management Team, and look forward to the ideas and changes he will being to his department.

If you have any questions or comments on this announcement, please get in touch via quidditchuk.com/contact

Photo Credit – Claire Purslow Photography