British Quidditch Cup 2019 Structure Announcement

The following information covers the competitive structure of the British Quidditch Cup, and breaks down the tournament format which will be used throughout the weekend.

Group Draw

The qualifying teams will be ranked 1-32, based on the following criteria:

  1. Most recently attended QuidditchUK tournament
    1. EQT
    2. Regionals
    3. Development Cup
  2. Ranking at their most recently attended QuidditchUK tournament
    1. Where two teams have the same ranking from their most recently attended tournament, the tiebreakers will be:
      1. Highest average QPD/match
      2. Lowest average match duration
      3. Fewest red cards
      4. Fewest yellow cards
      5. Fewest blue cards

The teams will then be split into 4 pods (1-4) of 8 teams by descending overall ranking. Teams from each pod will be allocated randomly to one of 8 groups (A-H). Once all teams from Pod 1 have been allocated to a group, teams from Pod 2 will be allocated, and so on until all teams have been allocated and all groups have 4 teams.

Where the draw of a pod would place a team into the same group as a team in the same club, the group allocation for that pod will be re-randomised to ensure that no intra-club games take place on Day One of the tournament.

Notes on seeding:

  • As Portsmouth have declined their BQC place, the Southern teams ranked 12-14 are re-ranked to 11-13 within their region.
  • Due to disciplinary action, Sheffield Squids are re-ranked as 16th at Northern, with Northern teams 9-16 re-ranked to 8-15 within their region.
  • There is no separate regional “balancing” process in the seeding for BQC. Regional variation has already been accounted for in the season structure:
    • The allocation of BQC spots from regionals was weighted based on region size
    • The allocation of EQT spots was based on regional performance, and the results of EQT have been used to seed the top 12 teams
    • The Dev Cup qualification route was not region-specific

The Group Draw for BQC 2019 is:

Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4Group 5Group 6Group 7Group 8
Liverpuddly CannonsSouthampton Quidditch ClubOxford MammothsGlasgow Grim ReapersWerewolves of London FirstsLondon UnspeakablesVelociraptorsLondon Quidditch Club
MegalodonsLeeds GriffinsBath QCManchester ManticoresWarwick Quiddich ClubNottingham NightmaresWerewolves of London SecondsHolyrood Hippogriffs Firsts
Bournemouth BansheesDurhamstrangOxford Radcliffe ChimerasSwansea SwansExeter EaglesYork HorntailsTornadoes QCSt Andrews Snidgets
Bristol BearsWinchester Quidditch ClubHolyrood Hippogriffs SecondsLeicester ThestralsLondon UnstoppablesDerby DaemonsSheffield SquidsChester Centurions

Day One

Day One will consist of 8 round robins, in which each team will play every other team in its group. After Day One, teams will be ranked based on the standard QuidditchUK Ranking Criteria.

Day Two

The top 16 teams will compete in a seeded single-elimination upper bracket, the winner of which will be crowned BQC champion. The bottom 16 teams will also compete in a single-elimination lower bracket.