QuidditchUK Team Jersey Policy

The following requirements and restrictions will be applied to team uniforms and/or kits when competing at official QuidditchUK tournaments and events.

  1. Team Jerseys
    1. Jerseys for players competing on the same team must.
      1. Be readily identifiable, and of the same primary/base colour
      2. Be easily distinguishable from the opposing team.
      3. Not have either yellow or gold as the primary/base colour.
  2. Unique Details
    1. Each individual player must have a unique integer on their jersey between 0 and 99
    2. A number may not repeat within a team.
      1. E.g. You may not have two players competing with the number “42” on the same team.
      2. E.g. A team may have either a 7 or 07 hey may not have both at the same time.
    3. The following numbers/letters/symbols will be permitted for the 2018/2019 season, however they will no longer be legal as of September 2019 so we strongly advise teams to phase these out this season.
      1. A unique integer between 0 and 999 OR
      2. The symbol for Pi (π) Infinity (∞) or Number (#) OR
      3. The letter A G H J K N P R W X Y
    4. You may only have an integer OR a symbol OR a letter.
      1. Combinations of numbers/symbols/letters are not permitted
  3. Jersey Titles
    1. Jersey names and/or titles are not mandatory on a team uniform, however any unique names or titles must abide by the following.
      1. Names/Titles may repeat throughout a team.
      2. Names/Titles cannot be overtly sexual in nature.
      3. Names/Titles cannot contain any sexist slurs.
      4. Names/Titles cannot contain any homophobic content.
      5. Names/Titles cannot contain any transphobic content.
      6. Names/Titles cannot contain any racist slurs.
      7. Names/Titles cannot contain swearing or any other offensive language.
    2. Players found competing that break the above policies may be requested by the Head Referee OR the Pitch Manager at their discretion to change the jersey.
      1. Continuing to play while wearing the offending jersey, after being instructed to change it, will result in a red card for that player.
    3. In instances where the player uniform contains grossly inappropriate content, both the player AND team captain may be subject to further action by the Tournament Director and/or QuidditchUK as per the QuidditchUK Disciplinary Policy.

If you have any questions on this policy, please contact us here – www.quidditchuk.org/contact