QuidditchUK Ranking Criteria

The following tiebreakers should be used in the given order at QuidditchUK gameplay events to determine teams’ rankings:

  1. Select as appropriate:
    1a. For Ranking Intra-Group: Number of Wins
    1b. For Ranking Inter-Group: Group Position(*)
    1c. For Final Rankings: Stage of Elimination
  2. Highest Quaffle Point Differential (QPD), with a maximum of 90 QPD able to be accumulated from any single game
  3. Head to Head (where applicable)
  4. Number of Winning Snitch Catches
  5. Lowest Total Regulation Time Played
  6. Fewest Red Cards
  7. Fewest Yellow Cards
  8. Fewest Blue Cards
  9. Coin toss

*In groups in which there are 5 teams, games against the fifth ranked team will be discounted for the purpose of ranking against other groups. For the fifth ranked team, results against the fourth ranked team will be excluded from the standings calculations.

When a tiebreaker is applied it should take into account all preceding stages of a tournament. I.e when a tiebreaker is used to calculate seedings for bracket play it should take into account all group play games, when a tiebreaker is used to calculate final standings it should take into account all group play and all bracket games.

The tiebreakers will be used as the ranking criteria across all QuidditchUK events to determine seedings after group play and final standings once a tournament has completed. In the event a ranking leads to a rematch in bracket play, this will not be changed.