QuidditchUK Event Registration Process

Aim: To ensure that nobody plays at QuidditchUK events without completing all necessary processes (i.e Individual Registration, Inclusion on Roster, Submission of Medical Form)


Stage One (Before the tournament):

1. Rosters collected from all teams by tournament committees.
2. Rosters forwarded to Outreach and Development Department to be checked.
3. Outreach and Development check that every player listed on a team’s roster is registered as a member of that club on the QuidditchUK website.
4. Clubs and tournament committees are notified of any players on rosters that are not registered and therefore considered ineligible to play at the tournament.

Stage Two (At the tournament):

1. Committee member(s) made responsible for check in process and given team information packs. Information packs contain a copy of the team’s roster and highlight any players on that roster who are ineligible to play at the tournament due to not registering by the deadline, not submitting forms, unpaid fees, suspensions or any other reason.
2. Captains report to relevant committee member to collect their information packs.
3. Committee member(s) remind captains that fielding an ineligible player will result in a forfeit in line with QuidditchUK disciplinary policy and draw their attention to any ineligible players on their team’s roster.

Stage Three (During the tournament):

1. If, during the tournament, a committee member believes that a team has fielded an ineligible player, they can ask that player to provide identification matching an eligible name on the roster of the team for which they are playing.
2. If the player is unable to provide identification, that player is considered ineligible and cannot continue to play until identification matching an eligible name on their roster has been provided.
3. If a player is found be ineligible, their team will forfeit any games they have taken part in under the QuidditchUK disciplinary policy.
4. Committee members are reminded in advance to be sensible with regards to alterations in names or the use of nicknames.
5. Any disputes are referred to the Tournament Director.