QuidditchUK Club Veto Policy

Designed for use in the General Forum, this policy outlines the requirements for members to call a veto on the decisions made by the Executive Management Team (EMT).

Calling a Veto

– Any representative can call for a veto vote by requesting that it be added to the agenda for the General Forum as a discussion point.
Agenda points will be requested by the Development Director when the General Forum is announced to Member Clubs.
Agenda points are raised via a submission form on the QuidditchUK website.
– In order for a veto vote to take place in a General Forum meeting, at least 60% of all member clubs must be represented (a quorum).
If there is a lower attendance than this after the first call for a veto, the vote will be rescheduled for a future General Forum.
If the quorum is then not reached on the subsequent General Forum, the veto call is dropped.
– Should a veto item be added to the agenda, QuidditchUK will email all clubs to inform them of the quorum requirement.
– A majority of the 75% clubs present, voting in favour of the veto, is required to pass it.
In the case of uneven numbers, votes will be rounded up to the nearest 5%
– Should a veto pass, the item will be returned to EMT to discuss and decide on again.
– Only actioned items from the Executive Management Team minutes may be put forward for Veto.
– Actioned items from the EMT minutes that are more than 6 months old, may not be put forward for a veto.

Undiscussed Items

– If representatives are unhappy with an item not discussed in an Executive Management Team meeting and therefore not on the minutes, they can raise this as a point at the General Forum for the EMT to discuss.
– Following the EMT discussion, if representatives are unhappy with the outcome, the club veto procedure may be put into action as per Section 1.

Staff Appointments

Staff appointments are not included in the veto.

If you have any questions on this policy, please contact us here – www.quidditchuk.org/contact