QuidditchUK Accredited Events Roster Limitation Policy

The following limitations will be applied to teams and players attending any QuidditchUK Accredited Events.

Attending QuidditchUK Accredited Events

Only players who are registered QuidditchUK members for the attending club and/or teams may be rostered at QuidditchUK Accredited Events.

Core Players

Core player lists for every team in a club with multiple teams must be submitted at the beginning of each season, before a team’s first Accredited Event. A core player list consists of ten designated players per team.
This is achieved by emailing the team and player names to gameplay@quidditchuk.org

Designated core players may not represent a team within their club lower than their designated team.
A core player designated for the first team, may not compete in a second, third, or fourth etc. tier team at any Accredited Event.
A core player designated for a lower tier team, may represent their club in a higher tier team without restriction.

During the Transfer Window, a team may revise their core player designations and make changes as they see fit within their club teams.
Clubs must notify QuidditchUK of any changes that are made by emailing gameplay@quidditchuk.org

If you have any questions on this policy, please contact us here –