Our Partners

The International Quidditch Association – IQA

The International Quidditch Association (IQA) is the governing body for quidditch across the world and supports the development and expansion of the sport, working with multiple national quidditch associations to achieve this.

Founded in 2009 and inducted as an international sports federation in 2016, IQA is responsible for various international quidditch events as well as administrative tasks such as maintaining and improving official gameplay and snitching rules.

Check out the IQA website.


As one of the best mouth-guards on the market, SISU have been a staple amongst quidditch players for a couple of years now; favoured for their breathability, lightweight but also their sturdiness. QuidditchUK partnered with SISU from the 2nd of October till the 12th of October 2017 so that QuidditchUK members can get an exclusive 20% discount across all of SISU mouth-guards and accessories directly from their website using the code QUIDDITCHUK.

Check out the SISU website here.

All In

Founded in 2016, All In is a UK based organisation who support the integration of non-male players at the top level of quidditch in the UK, both in terms of playing performance and leadership roles.

With a range of passionate coaches, tacticians, players and individuals, All In runs open training sessions focusing on areas of quidditch non-male players identify prior to training, and hope to expand by creating a selection of resources to support players.

Find All In on Facebook.

Triple Hoops Films

Triple Hoops Films debuted in 2016 with the film FLY, covering the journey of Team UK to the IQA Quidditch World Cup.

Founded by Jennie Grimes and Caroline Taylor, Triple Hoops pride themselves on offering tailored showreels for teams and events. They have worked recently with All In and the Quidditch Premier League, as well as shooting highlights videos for various teams at the British Quidditch Cup 2017 and producing the official BQC Highlights Video.

Find out more about Triple Hoops Films at their website.


Epione Medidcal Services have been providing QuidditchUK with first aid coverage at all of our tournaments since 2014 and their experience with the sport makes them uniquely placed to ensure all of our competitors are playing in a safe and secure environment. Epione also offer a discounted service to QuidditchUK Member Clubs running their own tournaments and in the need of First Aid assistance.

For more information about Epione see their website.

This Girl Can

This Girl Can is a campaign which celebrates women taking part in exercise and sport, to help women overcome the fear of judgement in sports.

Read more about This Girl Can and quidditch.

Akuma Sports

Akuma Sports are one of the UK’s premier suppliers of bespoke, custom sports kits and are a popular choice for UK quidditch clubs’ kits.  Akuma offer all QuidditchUK affiliated teams a 15% discount on their kit, training wear and merchandise orders.

Check out their website to make an order.