Tom Hutton joins the Executive Management Team as Operations Director

In recent weeks, QuidditchUK welcomed Tom Hutton to our ranks as the new Operations Director, succeeding Joshua Fogg in the role. We’re delighted to have Tom on-board as a long-term volunteer as part of the Executive Management Team, who also shares ownership of the organisation alongside our current President and Vice-President, Matt Bateman and Abby Whiteley.

A former Team GB lawn bowler, Tom – started his journey within the UK quidditch scene in 2014. He began playing for Leceister Thestrals where he went to University, eventually illuminating his desire to become a solicitor. After graduating from one of the oldest teams in the UK, Tom’s post-university appearances include Tornadoes Quidditch Club (currently on hiatus); Velociraptors Quidditch Club and the London Unspeakables, having completed a full season with each club so far. Joining the Unspeakables kicked off the 2019/20 season in the right direction, bringing some valuable rewards for the new director. Tom was part of the squad who claimed the gold medal and overall tournament win at Highlander VIII, as well as picking up a Southern Cup in 2019 and EQT 2020 silver medal. All in a season’s work! 

When asked his initial thoughts about joining QuidditchUK, Tom had this to say:

“I’m really excited to be able to build on the great work Josh has done over these last years, and I’m incredibly lucky to have a really strong team behind me. It’s a tough time to start in the midst of a global pandemic, but nevertheless I’m ready to muck in and help QUK move from strength to strength.”

We’re outstanded by how competitive this athlete has been over the last couple of seasons and are thrilled to have a great candidate for this senior level of QuidditchUK’s executive management. As Operations Director, Tom will be responsible for setting our department’s budgets; processing invoices for tournaments; sorting volunteer payments; and many more tasks as an organisation moving forward.

Welcome aboard, Tom! We wish you all the best of luck and hope that you enjoy your time with us to make next season our best season yet! (We’re sure that will be no challenge after this year’s events!)

Written by Samuel Instone
Edited by Kirsty Scheiby

Photo Credit:
Claire Purslow Quidditch Photography

Introducing the QuidditchUK Newsletter!

It’s definitely been a long time coming, but QuidditchUK are very happy to announce the release of our latest edition to our media releases – the QUK newsletter!

The idea of having a regular release of a newsletter has been jumping about for seasons, with no mention of actual execution. However, due to extreme circumstances in relation to the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve thought a newsletter released every fortnight would do everyone some good!

Without further-ado, please feel free to check out Issue 1 here! We’ve got updates on departments throughout the organisation, puzzles, games, general news and recommendations of projects created by our fantastic community coping through the isolation period!

If you personally would like to contribute something that you think we’re missing or would just generally like to help and volunteer with the creation of future issues: Please get in touch with our Vice President and head of this project – Abby Whiteley. (

Check back with us in two weeks time for Issue 2 of our Newsletter, scheduled to be released on Friday 24th April!

Thank you to our contributors: Abby Whiteley, Lucy Nicholls, James Gratton, Em Stephens, Chloe Durkin and Samuel Instone for putting this all together!

(We’re hoping to designate a particular page/place for these to live, however they’ll be publicly accessible throughout our social media for the time being).

Development Cup review: OUQC take gold

The Radcliffe Chimeras, London Unbreakables and Bangor Broken Broomsticks secured berths at the British Quidditch Cup after medalling at Development Cup, held at Salford Sports Village on 7/8 March.

The Radcliffe Chimeras (Oxford Universities Quidditch Club) with the trophy

Oxford Universities Quidditch Club, captained by Vicky Morris, took home the gold after an unbroken winning streak across the weekend. In the final they faced the London Unbreakables, also an undefeated team in the group and bracket stages. Unbreakables, led by Peter Glenister, played a confident game and pulled 30 points ahead with snitch on pitch. David Banas caught a clean catch, which was disallowed due to illegal gender composition. OUQC took their opportunity to get back into the game, pulling back several goals before a catch from William Whitehouse secured their victory for a final scoreline of 130*-70. In an all-Wales derby, a well-drilled Bangor Broken Broomsticks defeated Swansea Scorpions in overtime to take bronze. Swansea’s Caroline Norrish clinched a catch from three goals behind to force overtime, and Chloe Durkin’s side pushed the advantage on quaffle to gain a bronze medal for the tournament.

Development Cup is a unique opportunity in the QuidditchUK calendar for teams to invest in their growth and gain access to tailored skills coaching. While QuidditchUK volunteer resources were redistributed shortly after the tournament to respond to the unusual national circumstances, meaning the media follow-up was delayed, we still wish to acknowledge the efforts of everyone who made this tournament happen and thank all the volunteers and teams for a fantastic event. If you want to relive it, you can watch the highlight reel here!

The final rankings and public results can be found here:

Many thanks to the tournament committee and all the non-playing volunteers who made Development Cup a huge success! Congratulations to OUQC, and we look forward to seeing everyone come together again when the season resumes.