Operations Director Joshua Fogg Steps Down

We are deeply saddened to reveal that Joshua Fogg is stepping down from their role as Operations Director in November after regionals take place this season.

Picking up the role last November from their previous position as ‘Acting Operations Director’, Josh has enjoyed their year on the Executive Management Team. Whilst having previous experience managing QuidditchUK’s financial, legal and of course logistical needs, Josh worked incredibly hard over the last year to ensure that QuidditchUK’s budget(s) were kept in check. Additionally, our events were number crunched by the Operations expert, making them more affordable to the wider player base.

Since the ex-Manchester Beater joined QuidditchUK, it would be barbaric not to mention that the organisation’s financial transparency with our reports were increased drastically between the EMT and the UK’s community. Josh’s end goal was to ensure that this was paramount to complete to move onto better long term planning for the future of QuidditchUK.

We will now be looking for a replacement Operations Director to fill Josh’s already massive shoes in our organisation. The soon to be former executive director wanted to encourage those who were interested in volunteering for QuidditchUK especially in operations/finance and/or in general.

“The Operations Director role is a great way to be involved with QUK and shape the direction we take over the coming years. That said, if you believe that’s too big a role there’s a lot of other valued positions within the department that are available”.

We would like to wish Josh all the best of luck within their future as they are currently studying for a PHD qualification. QuidditchUK, without a doubt, would like to praise Josh immensely for all their hard work they’ve put into growing the UK’s NGB to where it stands today.

We hope that you too can thank Josh personally for an unmatched effort. Thank you, Josh!

(Photo Credit: Claire Purslow Quidditch Photography)

Bex Lowe Announced as Team UK’s New Manager

We are so pleased to reveal that Bex Lowe will be taking over as the new Manager for Team UK, a position that was previously held by the wonderful Jemma Thripp.

Bex has been one of the national squad’s core players, competing in every international tournament since her debut in 2016. In her time playing for Team UK, Bex has collected a wide range of bronze medals from 2016’s World Cup & 2019’s European Games.

Bex’s quidditch career began by playing for Durham in 2014. Since then she has also played for Southampton, and now for the current BQC Champions, London Quidditch Club.

When asked about her aims as manager, Bex had this to say:

I’m looking forward to take on the role of TUK Manager in the run up to Richmond 2020. I’ve been [a] part of many different iterations of TUK, both as a player and as part of the management team, and I’ve seen how good management can make or break a team. 

My aim as Manager is to get TUK to Richmond in the best possible position to claim a medal. The standard of quidditch has improved so much in the last couple of years, making Richmond 2020 the biggest challenge TUK will face. 

Our route to success will need to build on not only the dedication of the players, but also the support of the community. So thanks for all that has been provided so far and thanks in advance for the coming year!

We’re excited to see Bex’s impact on the team, and wish all of them the best of luck moving forward towards Richmond 2020!

Jay Holmes Steps In As Team UK’s Head Coach

It is with great pleasure to finally announce that our very own Jay Holmes has taken over the role of Head Coach for Team UK from his predecessor, James ‘JT’ Thanangadan.

Jay has been an irreplaceable part of Team UK since his coaching debut for the national team in 2017, during the European Games in Oslo bringing the gold home. Previously to this, Jay had assisted in the creation of the previously named ‘Development Squad’ (now called: Expansion Squad) at the beginning of the 2016 season, continuing to develop Team UK’s future talent.

The new head coach is no stranger to winning throughout the regular season, as part of Velociraptors Quidditch Club. Over the last two seasons under Jay captaining the team, the Raptors have achieved a podium finish in every major tournament within the UK.

Ahead of this announcement, Jay had this to say in regards to the future of Team UK:

“It’s an absolute honour and a privilege to be appointed as the Team UK Head Coach, getting to this position has been my goal in quidditch for the past four years and to finally accomplish this goals feels amazing. Having worked my way from the bottom rung of the ladder with coaching to now be at the apex feels incredible and I am humbled by the continued faith and belief from the community and those involved in the Team UK set up. I’d like to thank everyone who has helped me along this journey so far.

I am looking forward to continuing the great work we have been doing in Team UK and building on our past successes and making improvements where we need them. The team has eyes on the gold medal when we travel for Richmond for the Quidditch World Cup and I will put all my efforts into making this possible.

I am hoping to make Team UK more accessible for our community and have a wide range of plans to ensure that we are all involved in the success of our nation.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and I can’t wait to see the brilliant results Team UK can create.”

Congratulations to you, Jay. We also extend our congratulations to the current athletes at Team UK for banking a fantastically proactive Head Coach for the future. We’ll be behind you every step of the way in Team UK’s journey to the World Cup in Richmond, Virginia (USA) next summer.

Launching the 2020 Vision

QuidditchUK are pleased to announce a brand new way of marketing our beloved sport to the volunteers of future events. Introducing the 2020 Vision, a system which gives our volunteers the spotlight to show how much amazing work that they do for us, giving us an opportunity to thank them and giving you the opportunity to become one of them!

2020 Vision logo used for all future media related to the project. Created by Samuel Instone

Abby Whiteley, the 2020 Vision’s curator, wanted to make her intentions crystal clear with this project:

“2020 Vision is about raising the profile of volunteering, getting positive information out there about what is happening behind the scenes, and engaging more with the community so we know how we can work together to make quidditch fantastic for everyone.”

Some of our aims that WE hope to achieve with 2020 Vision are listed here:

● To fill all tournament committee positions in 2019/20;
● To have at least 70% of clubs represented in QuidditchUK volunteering;
● To improve what we can offer to QuidditchUK volunteers.

What QuidditchUK will deliver:

● FREE travel and accommodation for non-playing volunteers at events;
● FREE food at tournaments for all volunteers;

● Continuous professional development for all volunteers and references for future employers as an incorporated company;
● Retrospective Volunteer Awards for the 2018-19 season (to be released shortly!);
● A comprehensive report on volunteering in QuidditchUK (November 2019);
● Chances to participate in QuidditchUK round tables about how we can improve volunteering (spring 2020);
● Volunteer Awards to celebrate publicly the people and teams which contribute the most (May 2020).

What YOU can offer:

Over the next couple of months, QuidditchUK will run a series of volunteer posts, highlighting specific individuals’ occupations within QuidditchUK and a few Q&A’s with their opinions and passions for various topics.

If you would like to be featured within this project to expose how much of a great job QuidditchUK can do with a strong set of volunteers, then simply, apply to volunteer!

QuidditchUK 2019/2020 Memberships Now Available

Club, Team, and Individual Memberships are now available for purchase on the QuidditchUK Shop

A full breakdown of the fee prices and tiers of membership was announced earlier this month.

Given the proximity of regionals it’s important that clubs and members purchase their membership as soon as possible. All clubs, teams, and individuals who wish to compete at Southern Cup must be registered by Monday 28th October at 9:00pm.

All clubs, teams, and individuals who wish to compete at Northern Cup must be registered by Monday 11th November at 9:00pm.

Clubs, Teams, and Individuals who are not registered by this deadline will not be eligible to compete at either Northern or Southern Cup this season.

Referee Quotas for the 2019/2020 Season

The minimum match official quotas for the 2019/20 season have been greatly simplified and slightly increased from the previous season as we will require more officials to match our plans for increased numbers of games at tournaments.

As QuidditchUK will be be utilising the same rulebook and amendments, those who qualified as a referee last season under the IQA Online Tests will retain their qualification for this season.

Those wishing to get qualified can do so here.

The following applies for each team attending Southern Cup, Northern Cup, and British Quidditch Cup:

If your team attended BQC 2019 AND made the Upper Bracket

  • 1 Head Referee
  • 1 Assistant Referee
  • 1 Snitch Runner
  • 2 First Aider or Assistant Referee or Snitch Referee

If your team attended BQC 2019 AND made the Lower Bracket or attended Development Cup 2019

  • 1 Assistant Referee
  • 1 Snitch Referee
  • 1 Snitch or First Aider

Supplementary Match Officials

At the end of a game, each team must provide 2 players to act as Supplementary Match Officials (Goal Referee, Timekeeper, Scorekeeper) in the following game on the same pitch. For the first game of each day, the teams who will play in the second slot on the same pitch must provide these players instead. A failure to do so (without clearing it with the Tournament Director beforehand) will result in a yellow card being given to that team’s Speaking Captain at the start of their next game.

Players wishing to volunteer as a SMO should read through the following form to ensure they know the responsibilities of these roles:

For illustration, old upper bracket quota:

New upper bracket quota:

Teams and clubs who will have issue making this quota MUST get in touch with us via appeals@quidditchuk.org as soon as possible.

Tournament Volunteers Needed

QuidditchUK are in need of Tournament Volunteers to ensure our events and season continue to grow in quality and standard.

You can find opportunities for Tournament Directors, and Assistant Tournament Directors. As well as roles for Media/Operations/Gameplay Officers. Travel and Accommodation costs are reimbursed in full for Committee Volunteers within the United Kingdom. If you want to get involved, please apply or get in touch with events@quidditchuk.org

With that being said, QuidditchUK has come to the decision that IF insufficient volunteer numbers are reached, then we will be forced to cancel tournaments. Much of last season was held up on the shoulders of a small collection of people throughout the year, many of those from EMT. Which we cannot and will not allow to happen again for this upcoming season.

The lack of volunteers resulted in several knock-on consequences

o   Lack of development of events and unable to implement exciting new ideas

o   Unable to research new venues and plan next season until post BQC

o   Not able to finish planning accredited events, delaying another season.

o Unable to progress on a ‘Tournament Toolkit’ (a resource for those within and external to QUK to plan tournaments)

Upon discussion with our Events Director, Genevieve Tyrell, it has become clear to EMT that if we want to continue sustaining QuidditchUK, then we must get more engagement from the wider community –

Last season was extremely difficult and put a lot of pressure on all the events department, as well as those linked to it. While we are very proud of their efforts, the pressure it put on volunteers is not sustainable and is linked to the burn out and departure of many involved.

We need to remedy this, to drive QuidditchUK events forwards and to develop new ideas and make sure the QuidditchUK season is strong and can grow.

QuidditchUK made mistakes last season linked to this, our failures include not publicising how bad things were and not looking at whether we could continue the full season earlier. Both of those are now being remedied and we have learnt from these, but there is work to do if we are to continue.

Positions for Regional Tournament Committee Members will be open until October 11th – Reminders will be placed on social media and sent to clubs in the lead up. If we do not have enough volunteers, the tournament will be cancelled.

Committee Positions for EQT, Development Cup, and BQC will open late November, and similar deadlines will be imposed to ensure a smooth tournament can be run.

We are aware that cancelling tournaments is a heavy response, but we cannot feasibly continue to run QuidditchUK events with such low volunteer numbers moving forward.

Further comments and questions relating to this can be emailed to president@quidditchuk.org or events@quidditchuk.org

Positions can be found on the Volunteers Page

2019/2020 Season Takes Flight

The 2019/2020 QuidditchUK Season is underway, and with it comes many possible storylines, but the most pressing being who will lift the British Quidditch Cup in Shrewsbury next April?

We’re proud to announce and confirm the venues for the 2019/2020 Season.

Southern Cup – Oxford Brookes Sport, Hartcourt Hill – November 9/10

We’ll be returning to the site of BQC 2018 for Southern Cup, Oxford Brookes has played host to QuidditchUK and Fantasy events for a few years now, and we’re excited to come back again to crown the Southern Regional champion and choose our Southern contenders for EQT.

Northern Cup, Sheffield Hallam Sports Park November 23/24

Sheffield will be playing host to Northern Cup for the third year in a row. Will we crown a new regional champion? And which clubs will be coming to EQT with the new community teams forming in the North?

European Qualifying Tournament, Salford Sports Village Manchester, February 1/2

Manchester will play host to the top 12 teams from the nation, with 1st through 6th from Northern and Southern facing off and deciding who will represent the United Kingdom at the European Quidditch Cup later in 2020.

Development Cup, Salford Sports Village Manchester, March 7/8

We’ll be returning back to Salford Sports village for Development Cup again. The Top 3 teams earning a qualifying sport for the British Quidditch Cup in April.

British Quidditch Cup, Shrewsbury Sports Village, April 18/19

QuidditchUK will be coming to Shrewsbury for the British Quidditch Cup. 32 teams from England, Scotland, and Wales will compete across the weekend as we crown a new British Champion.

For any questions, comments, or queries please get in touch via the contact form.