Youth Quidditch Group launched to enrich UK Quidditch

In collaboration with Enrich Education and the Quidditch Premier League, QuidditchUK are proud to announce their involvement with the Youth Quidditch Group. We are all proud to release the details on the first series of youth quidditch training days on several dates across the UK in October and November. 

The Youth Quidditch Group’s ‘Introduction to Quidditch certification’ sessions plan to enrich you with the knowledge and understanding to run your own official youth quidditch sessions, as well as including new resource booklet which includes official youth rules, training session ideas and position logistics. For those who represent a school who are interested in applying will be honoured with the certification of their school becoming an official QuidditchUK Youth Quidditch School. 

We plan on developing and delivering exceptional school events, staff training, official equipment and tournament region affiliation packages. All of this and more is to come out of our partnership within the next year. 

Introductions to Youth Quidditch certification start in Greater Manchester on the 1st October and  finish in the South West of England on the 20th November. With various dates in between covering areas such as Scotland and Greater London to name a few. 

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity to continue UK Quidditch’s development across the youth of today, please direct your interest into booking your place with Enrich here. (Sessions will require a minimum of 15 participants to be delivered). 

QuidditchUK are incredibly excited with this announcement as the organisation has been working hard for a very long time with our partners for this day to come. We would like to thank Enrich Education and of course the Quidditch Premier League for all their efforts put into making the Youth Quidditch Group the best it can be.

Full Fees for the 2019/2020 season.

After careful consideration, QuidditchUK are ready to release their fees for the new season in full detail. We appreciate those who have been waiting patiently for this announcement.

Our collection of fees for next season will include rates for both ‘Player’ and ‘Club’ membership fees for QuidditchUK. As well as our tournament ‘Team’ and ‘Player’ fees, with direct comparison to last year’s costs.

Individual player fees for a QuidditchUK membership are as follows:

New Player Membership : £15
Student Player Membership : £22
Community Player Membership: £30

Club membership fees for a QuidditchUK official club/team membership are as follows:

New Club Membership : £35
Existing Club Membership : £70
Additional Team : £35 (per team)

Tournament fees for our regular events hosted annually are presented in table format. The table contains both Player and Team fees from last season compared to the current season’s rates.

*Since 09/09/2019, this graphic in particular has been updated to enhance QuidditchUK’s values in which we continue to hold to a deserved high standard. Especially when it comes to our social media presence.*

(The top two rows indicate our previous 2018/19 season’s fees whilst the bottom two rows indicate our 2019/20 season’s fees).

Whilst our Tournament fees for annual events is our biggest change presented; QuidditchUK believe that general satisfaction will be achieved by these amendments.

We listened to those who put forward the idea of raising team fees and lowering player fees during a General Forum last season. This makes it easier for University clubs to obtain grants covering the bulk of fees from their funding body and allows players to enjoy our events at a more personally affordable rate. Please note that change in fee structure isn’t designed to bring QuidditchUK any more revenue but to make event attendance easier and cheaper on an individual basis.

If you would like anymore information regarding our fee changes for the new season, you are welcome to use the Contact Form . Alternatively, please email for any further questions.

Referee Workshops announced to enhance Gameplay

QuidditchUK are excited to present a special series of Referee Workshops for 2019. These workshops, managed by our very own Gameplay Director, Eamonn Harrison, are designed to cover the practical knowledge of refereeing, from paper to pitch.

A Northern edition is taking place on the 14th September in Victoria Park, Leicester. The Southern edition will occur a few weeks later on the 29th September in Clapham Common, London. Both sessions will run for the whole day, starting at 09:00 and finishing close to 17:00.

It is important to note that these events will not have any professional medical coverage, only Volunteer First Aiders will be available. However, no full games are planned to take place during either event.

For those who attend for the whole day are eligible for a new rate of pay for refereeing during the season, higher than written test only but lower than field tested (subject to Gameplay discretion)

Places for these workshops are limited and reserved on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. If you are interested in securing a spot, please register using the sign up form.

These referee workshops wouldn’t have been possible without the collaborative efforts from Velociraptors Quidditch Club and the London Unspeakables. We thank you for helping us in hosting these events. 

We are looking forward to improve the quality of refereeing throughout the sport, with more workshops like these planned to occur later in the 2019 – 2020 season.

Please contact for anymore information relating to these events.