Mouthguards now Mandatory Equipment at all QuidditchUK Events

After consideration, we would like to announce that the use of a mouthguard during play will become compulsory from the start of the 2019/2020 season across all QuidditchUK events.

Following a previous discussion held via the Executive Management Team earlier this month, we have taken into account that the majority of players already value the precaution of playing with mouthguards inline to health and safety. 

The previous European Quidditch Cup made a big point of regarding them as mandatory equipment, failing so would disallow players from entering the game. It was time that our sport followed this trend in the UK, to ensure that we follow on from the International Quidditch Association’s latest rulebook. 

Club leadership should ensure all players are familiar with the changes, recommending teams to ensure players are using mouth protection during training sessions. These changes will be implemented at all future official and/or affiliated QuidditchUK events, fixtures, and tournaments. 

Mouthguards will not have any restrictions around colour or style.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please get in touch with us via our contact form.

James Burnett named as new Expansion Squad Head Coach

QuidditchUK are pleased to announce that James Burnett will taking on the role as the Team UK Expansion Squad Head Coach.

No stranger to leadership roles – James brings a wealth of experience as a Team UK veteran, QuidditchUK Vice-President, decorated international referee, and frequent face in coaching circles throughout UK teams.

Their involvement in both Liverpool Quidditch Club and the 2018 iteration of West Midlands Revolution saw two incredibly successful performances by both clubs, with a European Quidditch Cup spot and Quidditch Premier League bronze medal respectively. Not to mention their successful playing career with both Warwick Quidditch Club and the Radcliffe Chimeras.

As Team UK looks towards Richmond 2020 for the IQA World Cup, James will play an integral part in selecting and training the newest athletes that will one day represent the United Kingdom on the international stage.

I’m really excited to be taking on such an important role in the Team UK setup. Our national squad system is one of the best in the world, and you can see the influence of Expansion Squad in a lot of the players who are now winning medals for Team UK. I know how much it means to play for Team UK and I can’t wait to help the next generation of talent move closer to wearing the jersey.

We’re excited to see a new generation of Expansion Squad grow under James’ coaching, and wish them all the best in this undertaking.

If you have questions around Team UK, Expansion Squad, or coaching in general – please get in touch via

Samuel Instone joins QuidditchUK as Media Director

We’re incredibly excited to announce that Sam Instone will be joining QuidditchUK as the new Media Director – taking helm of the QuidditchUK brand, and developing a fresh new voice and image for our sport.

Sam brings with him a fresh enthusiasm and a laundry list of ideas, and was quick to jump onboard when we announced the changes coming to the department. With a rich background in both visual media and personnel management, as well as a constant contributor in the recent bout of video content produced by QuidditchUK; we’re excited for Sam to come in and build up the Media Department, and show off the best and brightest parts of our community.

As head of the Media Department, Sam will also be joining the Executive Management Team – Contributing to, and deciding on, key issues and changes that the sport will face in upcoming seasons.

Upon joining us, Sam Instone has this to say –

It’s my pleasure to join QuidditchUK in this new and exciting role! I have high hopes for next season and beyond in terms of the sport’s media presence and how well the community can grow it. As both a Videographer and Photographer for QuidditchUK in previous seasons, I wish to give back the same opportunities and limelight to others as I had received.

We wish you all the best in stepping up to this task Sam, we can’t wait to see what you and your new team will produce, and we’re sure you’ll do QuidditchUK and the community justice.

Sam taking up the role of Media Director marks an opportunity for more people to come in and join the expanding group of volunteers working on our new media plans. If you have a knack for videos, photos, graphics, writing, or social media then we would love to hear from you.

You can find a list of the available positions on our Volunteer Page, or if there’s something else you think you can do, feel free to get in touch via the Contact Form and let us know.

Team Jersey Policy 2019/2020

We would like to announce that some changes have been made to the QuidditchUK Team Jersey Policy to align ourselves with the standards set by the International Quidditch Association Rulebook.

These changes largely affect what identifying numbers may be displayed on jerseys, the most notable being that triple digit numbers, individual letters, and symbols are no longer permitted on player shirts or shorts.

Club leadership should ensure all players are familiar with the changes, as these rules are now in full effect from the start of this coming 2019/2020 season, and will be enforced at all future official and/or affiliated QuidditchUK events, fixtures, and tournaments.

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch with us via our contact form.

Team UK take the Bronze at European Games 2019

Over the weekend, Team UK competed amongst the best of European Quidditch in Bamberg, Germany.

Saturday saw them walk away undefeated, with comfortable victories against Catalonia, Italy, Denmark, and Finland in the group stages.

Sunday saw Team UK face off against Norway with an incredible result of 120*-20 against the Norwegians, and putting Team UK into the Semi-Final against France. Team UK fought hard in a tense and physical match, with seeker Callum Lake catching for overtime. Unfortunately, France quickly caught in the overtime period, and Team UK lost to the eventual European champions 100*-130*

Down but far from out, the United Kingdom came up against Germany for the 3rd place play off, quickly pulling ahead 50-0 within the first 5 minutes. The host team rallied themselves and fought back, ultimately leading to a SWIM game when seekers were released. Both nations fought hard, but eventually Callum Lake came through with another spectacular catch, and Team UK won 110*-90 to take the bronze medal.

Head Coach, James Thanangaden, had these remarks –

“Whilst disappointed to not come away with the win, I am immensely proud of my squad and the way we performed, especially to the players making their international debut. We’ve also said this event would make an excellent stepping stone on the way to Richmond next year, and you better believe we are upping our game in preparation for World Cup 2020”

Team UK Results

UK vs Catalonia
150 – 60*

UK vs Italy
210* – 60

UK vs Denmark
240* – 10

UK vs Finland
320* – 0

UK vs Norway
120* – 20

UK vs France
100* – 130* (OT)

UK vs Germany
110* – 90

Team UK 2019
Photo – Ajantha Abey Photography

Team Scotland also made their debut at this years European Games, finishing 14th out of the 20 attending teams. Starting their Day 1 with a difficult group consisting of Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Their debut performance on Saturday saw hard fought matches against all four nations, culminating in a victory against the Swiss in their final match of Day 1.

Day 2 brought a new shift to Scotland, dominating both Finland and Slovenia, with unfortunate losses to Poland and The Netherlands – both being decided on a single snitch catch. The efforts of Scotland over this entire season are to be celebrated, and we are incredibly proud of their performance and attitude this weekend.

Head Coach, Gavin Hughes, has this to say –

Considering the calibre of our opponents on the first day of the competition we played respectably, and we really came into our own on the second day, showing Europe our distinct brand of quidditch at its best and picking up a few well-earned victories in the process. This has been an invaluable learning experience for a lot of the players on the team and there’s no doubt that the future of Scottish quidditch is bright. We’re excited to move forward into the new season, potentially with some new leadership, and I have no doubt that our athletes are going to look back on Scotland’s debut international season with pride.”

Team Scotland Results

Scotland vs Belgium
150* – 0

Scotland vs Germany
40* – 150

Scotland vs Austria
30 – 190*

Scotland vs Switzerland
190* – 30

Scotland vs Poland
120 – 140*

Scotland vs Finland
230* – 20

Scotland vs Slovenia
170* – 80

Scotland vs Netherlands
100 – 110*

Team Scotland 2019
Photo – Sebastian Klick

A huge congratulations to both squads for their performances and efforts this tournament. And thank you to the coaches, athletes, and volunteers that contribute so much to the running and organisation of these teams.

For those wishing to watch the games, streams of the matches can be found here on the International Quidditch Association channel.

Announcing the new QuidditchUK Vice-President

We’re incredibly excited to announce that Abby Whiteley will be joining the Executive Management Team as the new Vice President.

Abby brings with her nearly a decade of quidditch experience, being involved with the sport since almost the inception of QuidditchUK – having been part of the community as a player, committee leader, club captain, and Team UK athlete at Global Games 2014.

Her years of experience bring invaluable insight as we enter into our 7th season, and with the demands of quidditch and QuidditchUK constantly changing, she’ll provide knowledge and wisdom that will continue to push us forward.

With her joining us, Abby has this to say:

I can’t wait to take on this role in QuidditchUK; as a long-time player I’ve benefited enormously from their work over the years and I’m excited to contribute to that work. I believe there is a lot of space for us to grow, and I’m particularly interested in using community input and research to inform our direction and the future of our sport in the UK.

Abby joins Matt Bateman in the Presidential department, taking on key leadership and decision making responsibilities that will impact the sport and influence our future direction. Those familiar with her research and analytical reporting will know that Abby has a keen insight into the quidditch community, and we’re excited to have her on board as we expand the sport to appeal and work for players old and new throughout the country.

A huge congratulations to you, Abby, and the best of luck in your new role.