President Melanie Piper Stepping Down

We’re sad to announce that Mel Piper has decided to step down at the end of the 2018/2019 season, after serving QuidditchUK as President for the last four years.

A respected and positive figure in the global quidditch community, Mel’s contributions to the sport have been felt both nationally and throughout the world. She is a constant champion of growth and development in the sport, and she helped it reach as many people as possible.

In her goal for quidditch’s growth, Mel implemented and supported the Development Cup 3 years ago, which has lead to large successes as many Development Cup teams have forged ahead to gain entry to European Qualification level tournaments this season. This is one of countless activities she had done during her time, both publicly and behind the scenes.

Her love and drive for young quidditch lead to a successful partnership with Enrich Education alongside the Quidditch Premier League; who have since introduced our sport to thousands of children throughout the United Kingdom with no signs of slowing down.

Patient, passionate, and always pouring herself into the community, Mel has been a consistent shining example of everything that embodies a quidditch player and volunteer. From first joining QuidditchUK as Teams Director in January 2014, then stepping into the President role in May 2015, her impact is nothing short of revolutionary.

Mel, for your many years of selfless volunteering, relentlessly positive attitude, and the hundreds of players you’ve impacted through your work, we thank you.

Mel will continue to serve as President until May 2019, however QuidditchUK has now opened applications for the President position on the Volunteers Page.

For those interested in applying, we strongly encourage to you to reach out to Mel Piper or Matt Bateman, to discuss the role and where you would like both the future of the President and the sport to go.

Applications will remain open until April 2019, to allow handover before the summer planning begins for the 2019/2020 season.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us –

Development Cup Information Announced

QuidditchUK are now able to release the player and team registration information for Development Cup happening on the 2nd and 3rd of March 2019, at Salford Sports Village in Manchester.

Player Eligibility

Only certain players are eligible to compete at Development Cup. Please ensure you are familiar with our policies, as they will affect both your right to compete AND your eligibility to play for British Quidditch Cup qualification.

Team Rosters and Registration

Clubs must register their intention to compete by emailing – providing the names and number of teams they wish to send to Development Cup. We do not need rosters or registered players at this stage.

Clubs must register their intention to compete by Saturday, 9/02/19 at 21:00

Clubs will be emailed specific registration forms, complete with up to date information on player tournament AND membership registration.

Teams must complete these forms and submit final rosters by Saturday, 16/02/19 at 21:00

The team fee is £40.00 per team.

This fee will be charged to your club upon expiration of the Team Roster Deadline.

Player & Volunteer Registration

The player fee is £20.00 per player.

This fee will be charged to your club upon expiration of the registration deadline.

The Player & Volunteer Registration form can be found here.

This form is mandatory for everyone participating at Development Cup, whether you are attending as a player, or a non-playing volunteer.

The deadline for players to fill out this registration form is Saturday, 16/02/2019 at 21:00 

Players must also be registered as QuidditchUK Members by this deadline.

The deadline for non-playing volunteers to fill out this registration form is Monday, 18/02/2019 at 21:00

This form consists of your player and volunteer sign-up for both certified and non-certified volunteers. It also includes sections for tournament waivers, medical information, and the misconduct policy. The form concludes with an optional medical survey that is a continuation of the injury studies carried out across our QuidditchUK tournaments.

Deadline Recap

Intention to Compete – Saturday, 9/02/19 at 21:00

Player Registration – Saturday, 16/02/19 at 21:00

Team Roster Deadline – Saturday, 16/02/19 at 21:00

Volunteer Registration – Monday, 18/02/19 at 21:00

Clubs or Members who miss the deadline will have 48 Hours from the deadline expiration to submit an appeal. All appeals must be made to

QuidditchUK acknowledges the delays in announcing Development Cup, and therefore may be more lenient in certain appeals. However the expectation is that Clubs and Members stick to these deadlines as best they can, as we will not make allowances for simply missing dates.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us here –

Development Cup 2019 Location Announced

QuidditchUK are pleased to announce that Development Cup 2019 will be hosted at Salford Sports Village, in Manchester 2nd – 3rd March 2019. 

Salford Sports Centre is a sporting facility in Manchester complete with full athletic facilities. Development Cup will see use of both grass 3G pitches, changing rooms, floodlit grounds and indoor access for our athletes. Salford Community Sport is excited to work with QuidditchUK, and we’re looking forward to seeing our teams come together and compete.

Given the growth of QuidditchUK and our development level teams, it’s important that Development Cup 2019 reflects that growth with a high end sports ground.

As teams will be competing for British Quidditch Cup spots, it’s important that your club leadership make themselves familiar with the team and player policies surrounding eligibility for Development Cup 2019.

QuidditchUK Development Cup Policy

QuidditchUK EQT Eligibility Policy

QuidditchUK Club Transfer Policy

QuidditchUK would like to apologise for the significant delay in the announcement of this tournament – A previously organised venue in Wolverhampton was cancelled at the last minute by the venue. The cancellation happened immediately before the final written agreement had been set between the two parties.

Despite attempts, the timing of the cancellation prevented us from confirming another venue in a timely matter due to the holiday break. This coupled with the attention required of the upcoming European Qualifier Tournament resulted in the further delays to getting this out.

Nevertheless we are confident that Salford Sports Centre will be an excellent venue for Development Cup and future QuidditchUK events.

Due to the delay, QuidditchUK will endeavour to provide some leniency in team and roster deadlines in the lead up to Development Cup.

For any questions, please get in touch via