Development Cup 2018 Feedback Released

Photography credit: St Andrews Snidgets Quidditch Club

After the success of its debut year in 2017, the QuidditchUK Development Cup (Dev Cup) returned for a second year in 2018. Held in 22 Acres, York across the 14th and 15th April the tournament expanded from 9 teams in 2017 with 15 teams competing. QuidditchUK were pleased to see the presence of 9 returning teams;  Glasgow, Bath, St Andrews, Preston, and London Unbreakables, Sheffield and Liverpool who have previously sent teams to Dev cup sent their 3rd team and 2nd team respectively.

The feedback in the document linked below was generated from a Google Form distributed to the quidditch community post-tournament and reflected largely positive comments with some minor issues being highlighted for improvement in the following years. As with the British Quidditch Cup feedback the tournament committee have also provided feedback on their experience to benefit both QuidditchUK and future tournament committees.

The feedback can be found here.

QuidditchUK would like to thank everyone that contributed and gave their thoughts on the event both positive and negative;  the feedback will be kept in mind and used to help plan future tournaments of an even higher standard.

Calling All Coaches, Coordinators, and Communicators

As part of QuidditchUK’s mission to grow and develop the sport, we are opening and expanding our volunteer roles as we enter our 2018/19 season.

Volunteers are the absolute lifeblood of any community, and quidditch is no different. Whether you’re leading our national team as the new Team UK Head Coach, or working with our partner company Enrich Education as the Youth Quidditch Coordinator – There are volunteer roles for people of all different skillsets and availability.

So whether you want to coach players, coordinate snitches, design logos and merchandise, run our social channels, or bring quidditch to the Welsh; there’s something here for everyone.

The roles are all live on our volunteer page – and if you don’t see anything that quite fits you, feel free to get in touch and tell us what you’re really good at. We promise we have something for everyone.


Jay Holmes Stepping Down

QuidditchUK regret to announce that Jay Holmes will be stepping down from his Team UK Expansion Squad roles, as he moves towards focusing on Team UK Training Squad and his own gameplay.

In the last two years Jay has contributed immensely to the success and growth of Team UK. Spearheading Expansion Squad as Head Coach, heading up the Research and Development statistics for Team UK, and leading the conversation for new talent as Head Scout.

Jay’s contributions to coaching to QuidditchUK can be felt throughout the entire UK and wider European communities, and we wish him the very best moving forward.

Jay will be staying on as Assistant Coach for Team UK training squad, and will continue to volunteer and contribute there.

For those interested in getting involved with Team UK, whether taking on one of Jay’s previous roles within Expansion Squad, or other coaching/administrative roles within Team UK – then please keep an eye out as we will be releasing a long list of volunteer roles in the coming days.

QuidditchUK 2018/2019 Season Announcement

We are happy to finally announce the new European Qualifier Tournament and wider season structure for 2018/2019.

The following will provide key dates, information, and provisional locations for all official QuidditchUK tournaments happening next season. We’re feeling very excited about this coming season, and believe the addition of a new European Qualifier tournament will create a new level of competition throughout the United Kingdom as teams fight to represent us in Europe.

QuidditchUK are currently in discussions with venues for our flagship tournaments, and these will be confirmed closer to the end of summer; we will be providing an option for clubs to submit bids for tournaments if they wish as well, so please bear in mind that venues/dates are subject to change.

For the first time QuidditchUK will be using a Swiss tournament structure at some of its events. See Swiss Tournament Format Explained to find out how it works.

We aim for final venues and dates to be confirmed by early September.

Southern Cup

Provisional Date – Late November, two weeks prior to/after Northern Cup
Open to all QUK teams based in Southern United Kingdom.
Day 1 Format – Swiss
Day 2 Format – Championship and Consolation Knockout Brackets

The top 7 teams from Southern Cup will receive an invitation to compete at the European Qualifier Tournament in January 2019. The top number of teams (number depending on team attendance at regionals) will receive a spot for the British Quidditch Cup in April 2019. Remaining teams will not be allocated a spot for either the British Quidditch Cup or the European Qualifier Tournament. They will instead be permitted to compete at Development Cup in March 2019.

Northern Cup

Provisional Date – Late November, two weeks prior to/after Southern Cup
Open to all QUK teams based in Northern United Kingdom AND Northern Ireland
Day 1 Format – Swiss
Day 2 Format – Championship and Consolation Knockout Brackets

The top 5 teams from Northern Cup will receive an invitation to compete at the European Qualifier Tournament in January 2019. The top number of teams (number depending on team attendance at regionals) will receive a spot for the British Quidditch Cup in April 2019. Remaining teams will not be allocated a spot for either the British Quidditch Cup or the European Qualifier Tournament. They will instead be permitted to compete at Development Cup in March 2019.

European Qualifier Tournament

Provisional Date – Late January
Open to the top 12 teams that qualified across Southern Cup (top 7) and Northern Cup (top 5) respectively
Day 1 Format – Swiss
Day 2 Format – Seeded Bracket with second chance playoffs for 5th and 6th place

The top 6 teams from the European Qualifier Tournament will receive an invitation to compete at the European Quidditch Cup held in May 2019. Remaining teams ranked 7 through 12 may receive spots for the European Quidditch Cup 2nd Division, however UK spots for this tournament are yet to be allocated and/or confirmed.

European Qualifier Tournament teams will be subject to the European Qualifier Tournament Eligibility Policy

Development Cup

Provisional Date – Early March
Open to all QUK teams who did not qualify for the European Qualifier Tournament or British Quidditch Cup at either Southern/Northern OR any QUK teams who did not compete at Regionals.
Format – TBC

The top 2 teams from Development Cup will receive an invitation to compete at the British Quidditch Cup in April 2019. Given the proximity between Development Cup and British Quidditch Cup; subsidies may be provided to qualifying teams for British Quidditch Cup to cope with travel and accommodation costs.

Development Cup teams will be subject to the Development Cup Team Policy

British Quidditch Cup

Provisional Date – Early April
Open to the top 32 teams that qualified across Southern Cup and Northern Cup
Day 1 Format – Two-Stream Swiss
Day 2 Format – Championship and Consolation Knockout Brackets

30 BQC spots will be allocated between Southern Cup and Northern Cup. Spots are yet to be determined and will be based proportionately on the amount of teams at Northern and Southern Cup for 2018/2019. Results will determine the European Qualifier Tournament spot allocation for the following year, as well as seeding for the following season’s regional tournaments.

Contact Us
Please direct any questions to


Team UK- wins, losses, and the future

Photography Credit: Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography

After two years of preparation since their third place finish at the World Cup in 2016 and a European Games trophy in 2017, Team UK headed to Florence, Italy at the end of June to compete at the 2018 IQA Quidditch World Cup. Captained by Seb Waters and coached by Emily Oughtibridge, the team was comprised of many longstanding team members, alongside the six new players who made their debuts for Team UK. 

An easy day one group draw meant Team UK went relatively unchallenged, comfortably winning all their games out of range. Unfortunately it was a different story with day two, as Team UK entered the championship bracket on the same side as the two other medalists from the previous World Cup, Australia and the USA. The UK cruised past Vietnam to reach the quarterfinals, where they faced a strong Italy team with a huge home crowd advantage that even the mass of Team UK supporters struggled to drown out. The game was in SWIM but that didn’t seem to matter for Team UK, as a speedy snitch catch by Johnathan Purvis guaranteed the UK a place in the semi-finals against the USA.


Photography Credit: Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography

Team UK opened the scoring against the USA in the semi-final with a beautiful finish from Jemma Thripp, however they struggled to keep their momentum against the eventual champions and the game slipped out of snitch range. Some excellent plays by Andrew Hull kept them in the game, but eventually it was the USA who would deal the UK their first loss since losing 70-80* to Belgium in pool play last year.


Photography Credit: Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography

The UK then went on to play the bronze medal match against Turkey, which was a close game with some brilliant performances from both sides. Team UK kept the game in range but struggled to get much time with the snitch, and a catch for Turkey secured them their first ever international medal. The UK leave the tournament ranked 4th best team in the world. 

Results from all of Team UK’s games in Florence:

Day One:
Team UK 160-50* Slovakia
Team UK 200-30* Catalonia
Team UK 160*-20 Mexico
Team UK 180-30* Czech Republic

Day Two:
Team UK 130*-0 Vietnam
Team UK 80*-60 Italy
Team UK 40-160* USA
Team UK 60-110* Turkey

Update of Training and Expansion Squads

We’re pleased to announce the latest editions of the Team UK Training and Expansion Squads. Congratulations to everyone who has been selected/moved up, and we can’t wait to see the outcome of all the training and hard work at European Games 2019 and beyond. 

See the full squad lists on the Team UK page.

Head Coach of Team UK Emily Oughtibridge Steps Down

QuidditchUK are saddened to announce the departure of Emily Oughtibridge as Team UK head coach effective immediately. After working closely with Team UK over the last four years and being crucial in their successes during this time, Oughtibridge decided earlier this year that the World Cup 2018 would be her last time working with the team.

With regards to her tenure with Team UK, Oughtibridge had this to say:

“My time with Team UK has lead to some of my greatest achievements and many brilliant memories. I am incredibly proud of all our achievements since I joined the coaching team in Sarteano and I am privileged to have been involved. I have seen this sport go from bamboo brooms and hosepipe hoops on a hillside in Bangor, to the fierce international competition in a stadium in Florence. I am so grateful to have been a part of the Team UK journey.

Four years of being in and around the national team requires some expression of gratitude. The list is a long one and I have inherited a certain ability to keep talking when given an opportunity. I won’t begrudge you for skimming over this bit. I would like to thank every one of my players that have ever trained for my team, and those who will earn the shirt in future for believing that this sport of ours is worth your time and effort. I cannot thank every fan, both pitch-side and following over whichever social media platform was working at the time, enough for your support. You make the blood, sweat and tears easier to bear.

I would like to publicly thank those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make Team UK training possible. Tom Heynes, Jemma Thripp and Bex Lowe have organised training squad sessions and the logistics of our tournaments whilst playing at the highest level and they deserve all of our appreciation.

The assistant coaches I have worked with deserve more than just a mention. Robbie Dugald Young and Ben Morton- you have moulded seeking into an art form. James Thanangadan and Lucy Q, your understanding of the game and pursuit of excellence makes this game better every time you play. Jay Holmes, for your commitment to the process, wearing as many hats as possible for the UK, and stepping up brilliantly when I needed you. Thank you.

Ashley Cooper, we had a chat on the side of a pitch in Sarteano way back in 2015. We agreed that what the national team needed was multiple coaches and training sessions all year round. Thank you for trusting me to take your team on, thank you for your vision. The All Blacks rugby team believe that players do not own the shirt, they are merely looking after it for the next player. Stepping into the shoes of the Team World coach was an honour and a privilege. I hope that I have looked after this team in a way that the community can be proud of, and I look forward to seeing what new heights the next lucky person can achieve.”

QuidditchUK would like to once again thank Emily for her dedication to Team UK and wish her all the best in the future.

Applications will be open for the position of Team UK coach from next week.

Photography credit: Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography

Rix Dishington to step down as Outreach and Development Director

QuidditchUK are saddened to announce that Rix Dishington will be stepping down from the role of Outreach and Development Director. Dishington joined QuidditchUK in 2015 as Assistant Volunteers Director before joining the Executive Management Team and has played a crucial role in helping new teams achieve their potential across the country.

President Mel Piper had this to say: “Rix has been an incredible volunteer throughout her time at QUK. Always willing to get involved, she has worked on everything from Team UK stats collection to reaching out to new teams, she will be sorely missed. I’m sure she will continue to go above and beyond for this community.”

QuidditchUK would like to take this opportunity to once again thank Rix for the time she has dedicated to the Executive Management Team and cannot wait to see what she does next.

If you would like to learn more about volunteering for QuidditchUK head over to to find out more about our opportunities.

Photography credit: Mark Hill Photography & Media