Francesca Vigilante joins Executive Management Team as Secretary

QuidditchUK are excited to announce that Francesca Vigilante has joined the organisation as Secretary. In this role Vigilante will be working closely with the Executive Management Team to support them in numerous administrative duties and answer incoming queries from the community. QuidditchUK also looks forward to seeing what else Vigilante will bring to the role.

If you would like to learn more about volunteering for QuidditchUK head over to to find out more about our opportunities.

Photography Credit: Hannah Dignum

Feedback for the British Quidditch Cup 2018 Released

The 2018 British Quidditch Cup (BQC 2018) was held at Brookes Sports Botley, Oxford, across the weekend of the 24th and 25th March 2018. The feedback in the document linked below was generated from a Google form distributed to the quidditch community post-tournament and reflected largely positive comments with constructive notes for improvement in the following years. For the first time the tournament committee have also provided feedback on their experience running the British Quidditch Cup, in the hopes it will be beneficial to both QuidditchUK and future tournament committees.

The feedback can be found here.

QuidditchUK would like to thank everyone that contributed and gave their thoughts on the event both positive and negative;  the feedback will be kept in mind and used to help plan future tournaments of an even higher standard.

QuidditchUK and the Quidditch Premier League Partner With Enrich Education


QuidditchUK and the Quidditch Premier League are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Enrich Education to provide school youth quidditch sessions, workshops, and deliver a youth coaching curriculum.

The partnership will see Enrich Education continue their acclaimed and highly popular youth quidditch sessions in schools, now with both QuidditchUK and Quidditch Premier League backing. It will also see youth workshops at individual QuidditchUK and Quidditch Premier League events.

“This new partnership with Enrich Education and Quidditch Premier League is an amazing step in the growth of quidditch across the UK” said QuidditchUK President Mel Piper. “It is vital that for the future of the sport we now not only look at the adult game, but the youth side too. Quidditch we know helps bring and keep people from all backgrounds into sport, and early findings with Enrich show this will also be reflected in the youth game. I can’t wait to see this develop, and a big thanks to Enrich for all their support and work already.”

The agreement will also see a portion of the revenue from Enrich Education’s in-school youth quidditch sessions go directly towards the Quidditch Premier League and QuidditchUK, to further develop the grassroots of quidditch nationwide.

“This is an incredibly exciting partnership,’ said Quidditch Premier League Director Jack Lennard. ‘To help nurture young talent, we need to build pipelines that allow potential players to find their feet in the sport as they grow. Working alongside Enrich Education and QuidditchUK will help us lay those foundations as we all develop. The partnership also means we no longer have to turn away eager potential athletes at schools around the country, simply because we lack those pathways into quidditch; all are welcome, all are free to participate.”

To date, Enrich Education have delivered over 30 youth quidditch sessions in schools, and they have found a huge appetite for the sport in children, teachers, and parents alike.

“Enrich Education is delighted to be teaming up with QuidditchUK and the Quidditch Premier League, as the official education partner for youth quidditch” said Enrich Education Director Matthew Vaudrey. “Quidditch is proving extremely popular with schools. It is a new, fast, physical, fun sport, that engages all pupils. The potential for the growth of youth quidditch across the UK is huge, as there is a clear appetite from young people to access more opportunities to play quidditch. This exciting partnership will provide those opportunities and introduce more children to this amazing game.”

For information on how to bring quidditch to your school, please contact Mel Piper at