Velociraptors QC Become First Team to Retain British Quidditch Cup Title

This weekend the 32 best teams from across the UK competed at Brookes Sport, Botley, Oxford for the title of national champion. After two days of incredible, competitive matches, Velociraptors QC fought their way to their second consecutive BQC title, beating out Warwick Quidditch Club in the final.

The final was a tense and close fought game with only four goals scored throughout. It was Ben Morton who secured the title for the Raptors with two excellent snitch catches first to take the game to overtime, and then again for the win.

Velociraptors QC’s path to the title:

Group Stage:
Velociraptors QC 130 – 40* Swansea Swans
Velociraptors QC 180 – 50* Sheffield Squids
Velociraptors QC 160 – 50* Portsmouth Horntail Strikers

Championship Bracket:
Velociraptors QC 180* – 20 Tornadoes Quidditch Club
Velociraptors QC 100* – 0 Bristol Bears
Velociraptors QC 70* – 50 Werewolves of London
Velociraptors QC 70** – 30°° Warwick Quidditch Club

In the third place playoff Werewolves of London defeated Southampton Quidditch Club Firsts taking the bronze medal with a 110* – 30 victory, whilst Chester Centurions were the winners of the Consolation Bracket defeating Manchester University Quidditch Club 60* – 40 in the final.

For the first time in BQC history there was also an award to recognise teams who go above and beyond to ensure the tournament runs smoothly. Liverpool Quidditch Club were presented the “Award for Most Excellent” for their outstanding willingness to volunteer and help out wherever possible.

We would like to thank everyone who made the tournament happen, especially the tournament committee, the referees and the volunteers both playing and non-playing. Without you the tournament wouldn’t have been such a huge success.

Full results from both days and final standings can be found here.

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Team UK Expansion Squad 22/03/2018

Following careful selection across the last few months, QuidditchUK are pleased to confirm the players that currently hold a place in the Team UK Expansion Squad. For more information on the role of Expansion Squad and how players are chosen, please consult our Team UK Expansion Squad Objective.

The Team UK Expansion Squad has recruited new staff to help with the delivery of the training and it’s remit. The following players and volunteers currently hold a space in the Team UK Expansion Squad:

Coaches Keepers Chasers Beaters Seekers
Jay Holmes, Head Coach Chris Scholes-Lawrence Ben Honey Ben Guthrie
Dave Goddin, Assistant Head Coach Elliot Fisher Caleb Pakeman Chris Thomas
Tommy Morgan, Quaffle Coach Mat Croft Jack Kohli Christo Cole
Asia Piatek, Quaffle Coach Joe Kernaghan Gabri Hall Rapa
Dan Trick, Beater Coach Lewis Dixon Iain
Lewis Boast
Alice Walker, Beater Coach Mike Lewis Mikey Orridge
 Judith Ballinger, Squad Coordinator Olly Barker Nat Welham
Rudi Obasi-Adams Tayyeb Ali
Steve Withers Anna O’Gara
Tommy Ruler Emily Hymers
Anna Rowe Franky Kempster
Chloé Hemingway Carina Werner
Chloe Smith
El Zukowicz
Ellinor Alseth Opsal
Emily Arnold
Hannah Garland
Hannah Ridley
Katie Dickens
Lydia Calder
Rosie Inman
Samantha Frohlich
Tua Karling


Head Coach Jay Holmes said:

I can’t wait to work with the new set of players and it I feel like we’re combining the old school with the new school and getting the best of both worlds. I am sure in time some of these players, especially the ones from small market clubs, will be able to become some of the best players we’ve had in the UK. The focus with this new set of expansion players has been athleticism and potential and I know we have a set of players that are going to work themselves hard to be the best.

I think we can all feel a lot of changes happening in quidditch and I am confident these players hold a bright future for Team UK and I am ready to support them. I’m hoping the rest of the community can get behind these players and help to cherish their growth over (hopefully) the next two years.

We’re putting a huge emphasis on tracking, scouting and statistics to try and gather the most efficient way to teach and improve our players and push in similar ways that football, basketball and american football have to see patterns and trends in players and use these to our advantages. Expansion squad is something that means the world to me and I know that these players have the drive to continue to make the squad the best it can possibly be. They are ready to learn, ready to improve and most importantly, ready to trust the process.