Summer Projects Summary 2017

Team UK Statistics
Things were busy at Stats HQ over the summer, which began with creating a list of all the data to be collected at European Games by discussion with the coaching team and split by positions (quaffle, beater, and seeker statistics). What could be done live and what would be taken from the footage was worked out, and the team ventured to Oslo to start the real work.
At European Games every Team UK game was filmed, despite slight difficulties in the earlier games due to unsatisfactory weather conditions, including main footage of the quaffle and occasionally beater play and a separate snitch cam. The data taken live included bludger control and individual beater accuracy. General information such as game time and cards given were taken from the scoresheets.
On returning to reality, the scrutinising of footage began. Each person was assigned two games to work on, and from the footage obtained and occasional reference to the livestream, the majority of the data aimed to be collected was achieved. A start was made on the planned fancy data presentation: some sick sub rotation graphs (thanks to Lucy) and a big informative spreadsheet compiling all the passing and assisting information (thanks to Rix) were both created.
Due to unforeseen factors such as life and university, not all the ideas such as gender sorted stats made it past the drawing board, but this potentially could be followed up on in future casual vacancy postings.
On the whole the project was a success, and the hard work will at least somewhat aid Team UK in their future endeavours. With good recruitment and much World Cup hype, this department could well be Team UK’s secret weapon in their aspiring conquest of Florence.

Within the Communications department, the Wikipedia pages for the British Quidditch Cup, Southern Cup and Northern Cup have been updated to include results from BQC 2017 and Northern and Southern Cup 2016. The next goal is to make updates to the QuidditchUK and Team UK pages.
The QUK website also saw its reincarnation to the shiny new website we have today, and includes new pages such as the Partners page. Research from volunteers like Laura Jamieson has produced pages on Team UK and the History of BQC (coming soon), as well as updating information on QUK’s audience, the press, the players and the general public. The goal of this work is to help readers understand and appreciate the role and history of Team UK and BQC, and recognise the UK’s involvement in the history of the sport, which becomes especially important as Quidditch in the UK continues to grow and mature.
So much has been achieved with the new website already, and next on the list are updates to the pages for Team UK, BQC, Southern Cup and Northern Cup.

BQC Committee Positions – 2017/18

The following positions are advertised for the British Quidditch Cup on Saturday 24th – Sunday 25th March 2018.The BQC Committee will be made up of at least 6 committee members.

Alix Marie d’Avigneau will joining QuidditchUK as Permanent Scheduling Coordinator given their excellent work with this year’s regionals events.

To facilitate communication with QuidditchUK (and in particular, the Events department), each committee member will subscribe to temporary membership of an appropriate department. It is hoped that this system will also make it easier for the tournament committee members to learn from the past experience of QUK volunteers and to solve issues more efficiently.
Each role has a stated estimate time commitment however this will vary week by week and will be higher in the immediate run up the event itself. Please see our volunteer page for more details on these roles and how to apply.

Tournament Director: Overall organisation of BQC
Assistant Tournament Director: Supporting the TD and committee; taking on leadership roles where required; liasing with the public, committee and volunteers
Operations Officer: logistics and finance including merchandise, venue and supplier and vendor coordination
Gameplay Coordinator: policy enforcement; dispute resolution; team administration
Communications Officer: internal and external communications; generating publicity; updating the community; coordination of event coverage (video, photography)