Announcing the Team UK Training and Expansion Squad

Following careful selection, QuidditchUK are proud to announce the Team UK Training Squad and Expansion Squad for the next training weekends. Coached by Emily Oughtibridge and Jay Holmes respectively, the Training and Expansion Squads will be training with the aim of making the final 21.

Congratulations to all that have been selected and we look forward to seeing what you achieve across the weekends!

Team UK Training Squad:

Andrew Hull
Seb Waters
Alex Greenhalgh
Tom Stevens
Ben Malpass
James Thanangadan
Aaron Veale
Ashley Cooper
Reuben Thompson
Luke Trevett
Ed Brett
Jemma Thripp
Jackie Woodburn
Abbi Harris
Bex Lowe
Franky Kempster
Tash Ferenczy
Asia Piatek
Sarah Ridley
Sophie Craig
Lauren Sterry
Bill Orridge
Jacopo Sartori
Jan Mikolajczak
Anjit Aulakh
Aaron Brett-Miller
Dan Trick
Lucy Q
Lucy Edlund
Jess O’Neill
Alex Carpenter
Alice Walker
Kerry Aziz
Nat A’Bear
Callum Lake
Jonathan Purvis

Team UK Expansion Squad:

Alex Macartney
Amy Chan
Ben Guthrie
Ben Honey
Caleb Pakeman
Callum Humphries
Chris Scholes-Lawrence
Chris Thomas
David Goswell
El Zukowicz
Elliot Fisher
Emily Arnold
Emily Hymers
Emma Sands
Gabby Fitzgerald
Gabri Hall-Rapa
Hannah Ridley
Hannah Watts
Imy Gregg
Jade Saunders
Joe Kernagan
Joel Davis
Jonathon Cookes
Kat Jack
Katie Dickens
Katy Lawrence
Lewis Boast
Lydia Calder
Michael Stakesby-Lewis
Ollie Brigden
Rachel Lily
Samantha Frolich
Steve Withers
Tayyeb Ali
Tom Norton
Tommy Ruler
Warren McFadyen

Emma Bramwell to Head Communications Department

QuidditchUK are pleased to announce that Emma Bramwell will be replacing Simon Bidwell as Communications Director. As part of this transition, Bidwell will be moving to the position of Technology Coordinator to give continued support to the development and growth of the new QuidditchUK website.

Moving from her role as Assistant Communications Director, Bramwell will now manage the Communications Department. The Department oversees the promotion of tournaments, clubs, and QuidditchUK in the form of social media and PR.

If you have any questions regarding the Communications Department within QuidditchUK, Emma can be contacted at

Development Cup 2018 to be hosted in York

Development Cup 2018 will take place on the weekend of 14th-15th April 2018 at 22 Acres in York.

After recieving several bids, 22 Acres, York, has been selected due to its great onsite facilities and quality sporting grounds, including high grade sports pitches, indoor changing rooms and accessibility to teams travelling from outside of York.

Bids to host Development Cup were also recieved from Wyncote Sports Ground, Liverpool, UCLan Sports Arena, Preston, Brookes Sport, Oxford, and Bath Recreation Ground, Bath. Wyncote Sports Ground andUCLan Sports Arena were considered strong candidates to host Development Cup 2018, but were eventually deemed unsuitable due to the cost to host and the availability to host at the proposed venues. Having already been chosen as the venue for the British Quidditch Cup 2018, Brookes Sport was also proposed as a potential venue for Development Cup 2018, however QuidditchUK felt it would be beneficial to host Development Cup at a different venue. Bath Recreation Ground proved to be an excellent venue to host Development Cup in the future with fantastic facilities on offer however due to the limited amount of space available during the Rugby season, 22 Acres in York proved to be a stronger location for the 2017/18 season.

For any enquiries regarding Development Cup 2018, please email