2017/18 Regionals Final Results and Rankings

With Northern and Southern Cup gone for this season, we would like to offer congratulations to Velociraptors Quidditch Club and Southampton Quidditch Club Firsts for winning our Northern and Southern Cups respectively.

They, alongside the Werewolves of London and the Hogyork Horntails, will be representing the United Kingdom in the European Quidditch Cup being held in Pfaffenhoffen, Germany later this year.

All eyes now turn to the British Quidditch Cup, taking place in Oxford over March 24 & 25 – With the top 32 teams coming together for our annual national tournament.

You can find the full results and rankings from our regional tournaments below, including a full breakdown of scores, game times, and final results. Congratulations again to our regional champions and good luck to everyone going into the rest of the season.

Southern Final Rankings
1st Southampton Quidditch Club Firsts
2nd Werewolves of London
3rd Warwick Quidditch Club
4th Bristol Bears
5th London Unspeakables
6th Radcliffe Chimeras
7th Exeter Eagles
8th Portsmouth Horntail Strikers
9th Reading Knights
10th Bristol Bees
11th Falmouth Falcons
12th Southampton Quidditch Club Seconds
13th Swansea Swans
14th Cambridge Quidditch Club
15th Bournemouth Banshees
16th Bathilisks
17th Oxford Quidlings
18th London Unbreakables
19th Norwich Nifflers
20th The Flying Chaucers
21st Winchester Wampus
Southern Results Spreadsheet

Northern Final Rankings
1st Velociraptors Quidditch Club
2nd HogYork Horntails
3rd Holyrood Hippogriffs Firsts
4th Tornadoes Quidditch Club
5th Loughborough Longshots
6th Keele Squirrels
7th Leeds Griffins
8th Bangor Broken Broomsticks
9th Sheffield Squids
10th Leicester Thestrals
11th Manchester Manticores
12th Chester Centurions
13th Nottingham Nightmares
14th Liverpuddly Cannons
15th Holyrood Hippogriffs Seconds
16th Sheffield Steelfins
17th Durhamstrang
18th St Andrews Snidgets
19th Glasgow Grim Reapers
20th Liverpuddly Catapults
21st The Derby Daemons
22nd Preston Poltergeists
23rd Northumbrian Ridgebacks
24th Manchester Minotaurs
25th Sheffield Sea Lions
Northern Results Spreadsheet