Volunteering with QuidditchUK is like joining a family – we work together, play together, support and nurture each other in our mutual journey, collaborating towards the single aim of developing the sport of quidditch in the United Kingdom.

At any given time, we will have a number of vacant positions within our organisation. Some of these positions may be brand new, but some may have a long and established history. Some vacancies may be for temporary positions, working on a particular project such as the British Quidditch Cup. Others may be permanent positions, working in one of our departments under a member of the Executive Management Team.

To apply for a staff position in QuidditchUK, we ask that you first read the position description on this page and then fill out the form below.

The table below is constantly updated within vacancies. Please check back often to see if a position of interest to you has become available.

If you would like to volunteer with us and there is not a vacancy or role in the area you feel you are suited to, please still get in contact with us by selecting Other in the form below and we will see what we can do!


Department: Events (Dev Cup)

The TD is responsible for the overall organisation of Dev Cup. They will manage the team of committee members, and take charge in designing the competitive elements of the national tournament as well as ensuring the smooth delivery of the entire weekend. The TD will meet regularly with the Events Director (Tom Challinor) in the run up to the competition to feedback updates on the event.

This role should ideally be filled by a non-playing volunteer. However, we will consider applications from playing TDs on the basis that only one of the TD/ATD positions needs to be filled by a non-playing person.
Time commitment is roughly 5-8 hours per week.
Desirable skills include team leadership, experience in organizing quidditch events, a good knowledge of what makes competitive quidditch flow efficiently, and a sense of impartiality and competitive professionalism.
Another desirable quality is familiarity with the area or venue, or the ability to orientate oneself to the locality easily.
A strong candidate will also be able to display an ability to delegate and distribute tasks amongst committee members.
Close date: 27/02/18


Department: Events (Dev Cup)

N.B The tournament committee will contain at least two and no more than four assistant tournament directors. This position is suitable for less experienced volunteers but is also open to experienced volunteers.

The ATDs are responsible for assisting and working with the TD in their duties. They will provide support, when necessary, to both committee members and the tournament director to ensure the timely delivery of actions. They will help to ensure morale and enthusiasm in the committee are high, and the TD feels supported. They will also take on a leadership role during the event itself by making themselves available to the public and to the committee/volunteers. Whilst it is not mandatory, the ATDs are encouraged to join in the regular meetings between the TDs and the Events Director (Tom Challinor) in the run up to the competition. If the TDs are unable to make a meeting, the ATDs must be able to attend the meeting on their behalf. Likewise, if the TD is unable to chair a committee meeting, one of the ATD musts also chair the meeting on their behalf.

This role should ideally be filled by a non-playing volunteer. However, we will consider applications from playing ATDs on the basis that only one of the TD/ATD positions needs to be filled by a non-playing person.
Tournament committee experience is desirable but not mandatory
Time commitment is roughly 3-4 hours a week.
Another desirable quality is familiarity with the area or venue, or the ability to orientate oneself to the locality easily.
Close date: 27/02/18


Department: Operations (Dev Cup)

This position is designed to enable the tournament committee to work efficiently with QUK on key matters. The officers will liaise with the Operations Department (under Jack Adie) in the first instance, and handle the overall logistics and finance of the event. They will also be responsible for merchandise, liaising with the venue and external suppliers and vendors.

Demonstrable experience in at least two of these three areas (finance, logistics and merchandise) is desirable.
Other key qualities include creativity, organisation and excellent communication skills
Time commitment is roughly 4-5 hours per week.
This position does not need to be filled by a non-playing committee member, however, the selected applicant must be on hand to help during the event.
Close date: 27/02/18


Department: Communications (Dev Cup)

The Communications officer will liaise regularly the Communications department to lead on matters of media and marketing. They will work closely with QUK volunteers to generate external publicity, whilst focusing their main attention on internal communications from creating a Facebook page, answering FAQs, and being the ‘public face’ of the regionals event. They will be responsible for keeping the community updated with the work of their fellow committee members, as well as ensuring all new (and old!) players are fully aware of the ins and outs of Dev Cup. Finally, they will be responsible for the overall coverage of the event from videography and photography to social media updates.

Key and desirable qualities include: creativity, marketing experience, knowledge of social media, and public relations expertise.
They will ideally be able to commit to attending Dev Cup in a non-player role, but this is not mandatory.
Time commitment is roughly 2 hours per week.
The Communications officer will be expected to meet regularly with the Communications director and members of the team to discuss ideas and updates prior to and post tournament
Close date: 27/02/18


Department: Events

Venue scout will identify and seek out potential venues for future tournaments. Volunteers will organise for visits to potential venues, whether this be in person or recruiting local teams and coordinating visits accordingly.
Suitable for those with knowledge of what amenities a tournament requires, and is able to take into account different factors e.g. budgets, weather conditions, accessibility
Key traits include: approachability, confidence and determination making introductions
Time commitment will average at 3-4 hours a week
Close date: 27/02/18


Department: Events

The Health and Safety Officer will work under the Events Director (Tom Challinor). Key tasks will include creating risk assessments for QuidditchUK events; organising First Aid Cover for events; helping share opportunities to take first aid qualifications with the community; responsibility for all administration related to the collection of medical details for emergencies.
Desirable skills include patience, a clear sense of compassion for others as well as the organisational skills and competency to maintain good records of this data.
Time commitment will be around 3-4 hours a week
Close date: 27/02/18

Snitch Coordinator

Department: Gameplay

QuidditchUK are looking for experienced Snitch Runners to step into a Snitch Coordinator role in order to help grow and develop Snitch Runners across the UK.
Snitch Development Coordinators will work with the current Gameplay staff to develop the process of recruiting and training snitch runners in the UK.
You will need to attend Gameplay meetings, as required by the Gameplay Director, in addition to small amounts of additional project work, such as the creation of training resources.
In addition, you will be required to travel to the majority of QuidditchUK events to coach and test Snitch Runners within the UK.
– A working knowledge of IQA Rulebook 2016/2018 and snitch coaching
– Experience as a snitch runner

Time Commitment: 3-5 hours per week
Close Date: 27/02/18


Department: Operations

Finance assistant will work under Operations director (Jack Adie) in coordination with other departments to streamline payments and refund claims following tournaments. Tasks will vary with new projects coming in. Role can be filled by any person regardless of experience in quidditch or status as a playing or non-playing member of the community.
Role highly suitable for anyone with any background or experience in finance and logistics; researching and evaluating products and services
Time commitment will be on average 4-5 hours a week.
Desirable skills include good organisation and ability to work well with a team. Initiative and ability to work independently are also highly appreciated.
Further skills and experience in finances as related to quidditch are highly desirable
Applications open indefinitely


Department: Operations

Equipment manager will work under Operations director (Jack Adie) to coordinate QuidditchUK-owned equipment including but not limited to: maintaining equipment and keeping a regular inventory; managing the buying of equipment where required; arranging long term storage of equipment.
Role suitable for highly organised, hardworking individuals. Previous experience with equipment handling and construction is highly desirable
Time commitment will average at 2-3 hours a week
Applications open indefinitely

Team UK Scout

Department: Outreach & Development (Team UK)

Team UK Scouts will, under the director of the Head of Research and Analysis, collect information specifically about promising new players. As with Statistics and Data volunteers, this will include a significant amount of filming games, watching footage back and analysing the skills and attributes of specific players. Selection decisions are made in accordance with the Team UK Selection Process.
Applications open indefinitely